You are awesome-Remove the screen/login in game-Direct tư vấn via e-mail or messages-Access to my Discord server-Access to Patron only posts (News, polls, etc.)-Access the Patron"s Prerelease mods

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Godlike-Remove sầu the screen/login in game-Direct tư vấn via e-mail or messages-Access to my Discord server-Access lớn Patron only posts (News, polls, etc.) -Access the Patron"s Prerelease mods -Access khổng lồ mods that are under development (W.I.P.)

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TOP DONATORS-Remove sầu the screen/login in game-Direct support via e-mail or messages-Access khổng lồ my Discord server-Access khổng lồ Patron only posts (News, polls, etc.) -Access the Patron"s Prerelease mods -Access to lớn mods that are under development (W.I.P.)-Access khổng lồ eWIP releases (Early work in progress access)-Request changes/features in eWIPhường mods releases
Welcome khổng lồ JulioNIB"s official mods sourceHere you can help support my work becoming a Patron và obtain exclusive sầu benefits.20$ 6struyenky.vns have access to eWIPhường mods (early Work in Progress Access)10$ have access lớn mods that are under development (WIP., after eWIPhường stage)5$ 6struyenky.vns have sầu access to prerelease mods (after WIPhường stage).NIBMods menuDownload the latest version of my mods Menu here
Case you downloaded a demo/không lấy phí version of my hack & become a later, you must tải về and install the 6struyenky.vns version, check the mods danh sách here.Link your Discord lớn your settings lớn join my 6struyenky.vns VIPhường server.Cheông xã the General GTA 5 modding help case you have sầu issues (trò chơi crash, scripts not loading, etc.)If you need HELP, send MESSAGE (or e-mail: ), don"t make comments/posts.My mods are for PC onlyGTA 4 modding is paused so far.

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