7. Self-Destructing In The Bunker - NieR: Automata

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Easily one of the most essential games of the PS4/Xbox One generation, NieR: Automata"s long form dissection of humanity, emotion, belonging, routine và purpose is one of the true greats.

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Platinum deliver more expert combat, & it felt like creative director Yoko Taro was allowed lớn write whatever the hell he wanted. Thankfully, it more than worked out, but one awesome feature coming from you being able lớn remix & swap around your own android"s chipset.

Whilst you can disable everything from enemy life bars to lớn HUD elements - even disabling yourself và ending the game right there và then - this mentality extends to some gameplay possiiblities too.

Simply hold L3+R3 & you"ll "self-destruct", reducing 2B or 9S" health down lớn 1HP..

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Do this baông chồng on trang chính base though, and you"ll take the entire fleet of companions and helpful robot buddies with you.

Platinum Games

Called the "U" ending for "Debunked", the game notes that "it sure did look pretty from Earth!", before speeding through credits and kicking you bachồng khổng lồ the main thực đơn to lớn try again.

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