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June 25, 2018 - Debuted earlier this month by Paul George himself, the PG 2.5 takes cues from both of George’s signature models in a package built for summer gaming (on both the courts và the sticks).

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"We wanted lớn refresh the silhouette & keep evolving it,"shares designer Tony Hardman. "Paul wanted lớn put the strap from the PG1 on it, và this allowed usus to approach the element in a different way. Instead of incorporating Flywireas we did on the original, we conceiveda new strap for the PG 2.5 built froma new webbing."

The PG 2.5 releases June 30. sb

The SB Sandy ZoomX Bruin is a Tribute to lớn Sandy Bodecker

July 05, 2021

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July 05, 2021 - For visionary leader Sandy Bodecker, embracing skateboarding was a tacit nod khổng lồ the sport's power to lớn change the way people view potential. Throughout its history, skateboarding has challenged the status quo. Whether in reimagining empty pools or spotting discrete runs within cityscapes, skateboarders have given fresh life to lớn the built environment — realizing new styles, tricks và techniques along the way. The sport's dynamic evolution has led to lớn inclusion in Tokyo this summer, và even as it reaches a new competitive height, the sport never falters in celebrating the joys of creativity.

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Fittingly, the SB Sandy ZoomX Bruin honors Bodecker's vision & skateboarding's verve.

The shoe's engineering drafts from another boundary-pushing Bodecker project, the quest to lớn break the 2-hour marabé nhỏ barrier & the subsequent invention of NEXT% running công nghệ. Bodecker believed there was application of the idea to lớn skateboarding, & the SB Sandy ZoomX Bruin transfers that belief through athlete-led insight to lớn deliver the most comprehensive skate competition tool imaginable.

At its core is a drop-in midsole combining the ultra-resilient ZoomX foam for cushioning and a full-length carbon fiber plate for pop. It's radical, for sure, but alsodiscretely hidden within the decades-favored classic Bruin silhouette. Another progressive twist, again drawn from Breaking2, is a skateboarding-first Flyknit upper, formed from material that has been custom-printed with Mark Smith's “Blue Sky Dreamer” portrait of Bodecker, which hangs in The Bodecker Foundation space in Portland, Ore.

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The SB Sandy ZoomX Bruin will be available in a limited release in Tokyo this summer.

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