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The following steps describe how to lớn uninstall 365 products on a PC (laptop, desktop, or 2-in-1). For Mac, see Uninstall Office for Mac.

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Tip: Uninstalling 365 only removes the 365 applications from your computer, it doesn"t remove any files, documents, or workbooks you created using the apps.

Uninstall 365 for your installation type

The steps to uninstall 365 depend on the type of installation you have. The most common installation types are Click-to-Run và Windows Installer (MSI). The other type is an 365 installation from the Store app.

Select the Click-to-Run or MSI or Store tab below và follow those uninstall steps for your installation type.

Not sure which type of install you have?

Note: If you can"t xuất hiện an ứng dụng to kiểm tra your installation type, try the more common Click-to-Run or MSI uninstall steps first.

If you have a Click-to-Run or an MSI installation, uninstall 365 using the Control Panel or download the uninstall tool.

Tip: If you installed the 365 apps as part of a suite, such as Office trang chủ and Student or 365, tìm kiếm for the suite name. For stand-alone apps search by the ứng dụng name, such as Project or Visio.In most cases you can"t uninstall an individual tiện ích if it"s included in your 365 suite. The only way lớn uninstall an individual phầm mềm is if you purchased it as a stand-alone app.

Windows 10

In the tìm kiếm box on the task bar, type control panel, then select Control Panel.

Select Programs > Programs và Features, then right-click your 365 product, và choose Uninstall.

Windows 8.1 or 8

Right-click the Start button

(lower-left corner), & choose Control Panel.

Select Programs and Features, then right-click your 365 product, và choose Uninstall.

Windows 7

Click Start > Control Panel.

Click Programs > Programs và Features.

Right-click the 365 application you want to remove, and then click Uninstall.

Follow the steps to open the download according lớn your browser, & when you"re prompted in the Application Install window, select Install, and then I agree for the Services Agreement.

Tip: The tool may take a few minutes to tải về and install. After completing the installation, the Uninstall 365 products window will open.

Edge or Chrome

In the lower-lower left corner right-click SetupProd_OffScrub.exe > Open.

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Edge (older)

At the bottom of the browser window, select Run lớn launch the SetupProd_OffScrub.exe.



In the pop-up window, select Save File and then from the upper-right browser window, select the downloads arrow > SetupProd_OffScrub.exe.


From the Uninstall Office products window, select the version of 365 you want khổng lồ uninstall, và then select Next.

Follow the prompts on the remaining screens & when prompted, restart your computer.

After you restart your computer, the uninstall tool automatically re-opens to complete the final step of the uninstall process. Follow the remaining prompts.

Tip: If the 365 uninstall tool doesn"t completely uninstall 365 from your PC, you can try to lớn manually uninstall Office.

Uninstall 365 from Settings in Windows 10

Select Start > Settings

> Apps.

Under Apps & Features select the version of 365 you want to lớn uninstall.

Note: If you installed an 365 suite such as Office trang chủ and Student or you have an 365 subscription, search for the suite name. If you bought an individual 365 application, such as Word or Visio, tìm kiếm for the application name.

Tip: If you can"t uninstall your Store installation using Settings in Windows 10, then try to uninstall Office manually using PowerShell following the steps below.

Uninstall 365 manually using PowerShell

Remove 365

Right-click Start và select Windows PowerShell (Admin).

In the Windows PowerShell window, type the following:

Get-AppxPackage -name “” | Remove-AppxPackage

Press Enter.

This takes a few minutes. Once it"s done, a new command prompt appears.

Verify 365 was removed

In the Windows PowerShell window, type the following:

Get-AppxPackage -name “”

Press Enter.

If only a command prompt appears and no additional information, it means you successfully removed 365 và you can close the Windows PowerShell window.

Reinstall 365

To reinstall 365 see Install or reinstall Office on a PC.

Note: If you"re not sure what operating system you have, see Which Windows operating system am I running?


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