Oppo find 7 is officially unveiled; 2k display allows for 538ppi pixel density


The 2K smarphone oppo Find 7 arrives in Europe và 6struyenky.vn.it have the first exclusive unboxing & hands on photos with this flagship beast!

For those of you who lượt thích to sit on the bleeding edge of technology, the điện thoại oppo Find 7 is Oppo’s attempt at a ‘true’ năm trước flagship phone. Although not the first phone to lớn ship with a 2K display, 3GB RAM và Snapdragon 801 (that honour goes khổng lồ the Vivo Xplay 3S) it is one of the first that will be officially released outside of China!

Oppo find 7 2K unboxing

Unboxing the oppo Find 7 is hardly a shock or surprise as the phone is physically identical to lớn the smarphone oppo Find 7a from the front.

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Only upon taking the 2K version of the phone out of its box & turning it over can we see the only physical difference, a carbon textured rear panel giving the phone a suitably upmarket appearance.

With the exception of the rear, the kiến thiết is the same và if you were to lớn switch panels you would be hard pushed to lớn see the difference between the Find 7a & Find 7.

Oppo Find 7 vs điện thoại oppo Find 7a

The table below shows the technical differences between these two flagship phones. As you can see it is only the battery, screen resolution, internal memory, cpu speed and RAM that differ in terms of hardware.

Differences between the smarphone oppo Find 7 và Oppo Find 7a

As mentioned above there are few differences, but those which are present bởi vì make the difference and propel the Find 7 in to what we are calling “true flagship” territory.


First up is the screen resolution, both phones have a 5.5-inch JDI panel, but the Find 7 ups the resolution khổng lồ a whopping 2560 x 1440 compared lớn the Find 7a’s 1920 x 1080. RAM is up from 2GB to lớn 3GB và internal memory has been increased from 16GB lớn 32GB.

The Snapdragon 801 chipset is now running at 2.5Ghz in the Find 7 which should help push around those extra pixels and to ensure your battery lasts the day there is an increase too.

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Oppo Find 7 2K: First Impressions

So we have a phone which is physically the same as a previously reviewed device, but as you can see there are a few differences which we will try to lớn focus on now.



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From my own experience at the oppo Find 7 launch I can say the same is true for the Find 7 và Find 7a. There will be those of you who will say the update lớn 2k isn’t worth the performance difference, while others will prefer the new screen to lớn get the ‘true’ next-gen feel.

If I were spending my money I would get the Find 7a (which I did), và if I wanted a 2K phone go for another device with more features (also which I have done). But if you are a true điện thoại oppo diehard then the 2k will likely be your choice.



Extra RAM is always a good thing especially for more hard vi xử lý core users. Extra RAM means more apps can run at a time và less slowing down when processes are running in the background. All good.

Processor and GPU

As we have seen previously tests, the Find 7 actually scores less than the Find 7a even with a faster CPU & more RAM. This can be attributed lớn the 2K panel. In real life usage there is no notable difference between the 2.3Ghz & 2.5Ghz phones. GPU tốc độ is up too, but again the 2K panel eats in khổng lồ that advantage & won’t really make a difference to performance.



Again that 2K panel has meant that oppo have had to increase other features lớn make the most of it & so the 2800mAh battery of the Find 7a has been increased lớn 3000mAh in the Find 7.

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The difference in panel & the slightly larger battery has seen the weight go up by a whole 3 grams! Yep, this is hardly worth even writing about.