Paint 3d


The Paint 3 chiều Application is a 3d modeling & graphic designing application that is used popularly by graphic designers and students to lớn design, create và animate new modeling và printing projects. The Paint 3 chiều Application was created by Microsoft Studios as a part of the refreshing of the Microsoft Paint application which was quite older. It was launched in 2017 to roll out the latest mix of new và exciting features for graphic designers & animators so that the creators can take the advantage of it.

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The Windows Creators Update involves new features that allow the users to địa chỉ an extra dimension lớn their images khổng lồ convert the 2d images to 3d images and showroom a layer of reality khổng lồ them. It has an in-built phối of libraries that contain pre-defined 3 chiều shapes khổng lồ import into your 3 chiều sketches & models.

Installing Paint 3d on Windows

Follow the below steps to install Paint 3 chiều on Windows:

Step 1: Visit the official trang web of Paint 3D using any website browser lượt thích Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc.


Step 2: Press the “INSTALL” button on the website khổng lồ start the tải về of the Paint 3 chiều Application.


Step 3: It will then automatically re-direct you lớn the Windows Store App & the download of the Paint 3d app will start in the background.

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Step 4: After the download gets finished, the Paint 3d app will get installed within 2-3 minutes. It will then show up on the all programs menu of the Start menu.


Step 5: Click on the Paint 3D app to open it. Now it will show you the home screen of the Paint 3 chiều app where it first asks you lớn log in to your Microsoft account in order khổng lồ use the Microsoft To vì chưng the application. Click on the sign-in button to proceed. Then it will show the user two options, for creating a new tệp tin or opening an existing file on your computer. Click on the “New” lớn create a new paint file Paint 3 chiều application.


Step 6: After clicking on the new file button of the Paint 3 chiều application, it shows you a getting started trang chủ page of the Paint 3d app. Click on the skip button lớn remove these suggestions. Then choose an appropriate brush or pencil of your size to start your creativity.

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Step 7: Now, once you have finished all the above steps, your final home page of the Paint 3 chiều application will look lượt thích this. You can also create some custom 3 chiều models in the Paint 3d application as per your choice.