Pandemonium là gì

The game is stopped on tài khoản of pandemonium: players và spectators are screaming & staggering around the court …—Darcy Frey

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It is obvious that pandemonium would exist at most uncontrolled airports if every pilot did not conscientiously follow the traffic pattern. —Joseph W. Benkert


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Example Sentences

Recent Examples on the website But Peck is already aware of Imogen"s penchant for pandemonium, resisting the task of baby-sitting a bluestocking. —Ew Staff,, 10 May 2023 Defenseman Clay Allen jammed trang chủ a rebound with seven seconds left, leaving the building in pandemonium and the two teams headed to overtime. —Chris Bieri, Anchorage Daily News, 22 Oct. 2022 An exchange of cross words at a house tiệc ngọt in Washington County led to lớn a deadly gun battle between two men that created pandemonium among the 75 guests & left one of the men dead, court documents say. —oregonlive, 15 Sep. 2022 There was pandemonium on Hollywood Boulevard and similar scenes at the thành phố new york and London openings. —Charles Hirshberg, Peoplemag, 19 Aug. 2022 In the bottom of the fifth inning, just minutes after Joey Votto smashed his 10th trang chủ run of the season to give the Reds a 5-2 lead, a brief sequence of pandemonium ensued. —Adam Baum, The Enquirer, 31 July 2022 Powell recalls the night before the football scene as muscle pandemonium at the khách sạn gym, with all the actors furiously working out – except for Monica Barbaro. —Bryan Alexander, USA TODAY, 29 May 2022 The man suspected of accidentally firing a gun at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport earlier this month, causing pandemonium in the terminal and serious travel delays, has surrendered lớn authorities. —Henri Hollis, ajc, 30 Nov. 2021 Players và fans alike rushed khổng lồ find safety in the pandemonium, but police have said there is no active threat to lớn the Washington, D.C., community. —Jd Knapp,, 17 July 2021 See More

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Word History

pan- + Late Latin daemonium "evil spirit," borrowed from Greek daimónion "evil spirit," earlier "divine power, inferior divine being," derivative of daímōn "divinity, divine power, individual destiny" (with -ium probably to be read as Latin -ium or Greek -eion, suffixes of place) — more at demon