PC all the way. After you play games lượt thích Skyrim, Fallout or GTA with Mods or get into emulation... There"s no going back

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Handheld pc for me, I swapped my custom builr desktop for a gpd win 3, và Im considering going for the win 4.Looootta people are loving their steam decks too, I see it being the new age of pc gaming.
Adrian Cisneros ehh, yên ổn actually waiting lớn see if the ayaneo flip is any good before I consider going for ayaneo stuff.Gpd has spotty chất lượng control for sure, but i really liked how small my win 3 was, & the win 4 is the same general size, while the geek và 2 are a bit bigger

Justin the Ayaneo stuff i mentioned is on pre order right now its the stronger hand held PC on the market right now but i also dont know much about the unique seems really great from nhận xét of early releases

Adrian Cisneros the win 4 is too, I"m probably going to wait until used models start popping up on ebay before going for a new device from any of em haha

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Adrian Cisneros yeah, building it from scratch I guess would make you feel more accomplished compared lớn buying a pre built one.

Pc is great, but it"s more expensive to keep it updated khổng lồ handle updates lớn some software & not to mention games. That"s partially why I say console. Yên saving up for a somewhat decent pc now
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In my mind it's always interesting to imagine how the world can be in the future. I will not talk about geopolitics but how bởi you imagine the world with the new technologies in a good way? ( let's focus on positive things).

I didn't lượt thích it personally as it made all my apps UI look bigger, be it the text or the images.

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Which pc/laptop is good for video clip editing (maybe not professionally but atleast better than casual)...

So ? Are we not gonna pay attention khổng lồ what's happening?!