Penumbra là gì

a part of a shadow in which only some of the light is blocked, used especially about a shadow made during an eclipse:

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In a lunar eclipse, the outer shadow or penumbra is a zone where Earth blocks a portion of the sun"s rays.

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The moon was completely within the penumbra for half an hour và remained partially in eclipse for nearly two hours.
The construction of the shield is described and the results of transmission và penumbra measurements are given.
Thus, the prime goal of neuroprotection has been to salvage the ischaemic penumbra & thereby limit the extent of damage.
The width of the penumbra and the distance of the edge of the optical field from the 1/2 isodose màn chơi were measured at a number of points.
These pathological processes may increase the area of cellular damage but the goal of treatment is to lớn preserve potentially viable cells within the so-called ischaemic penumbra.
Following a stroke there is a region surrounding the bộ vi xử lý core of the insult known as the penumbra zone in which the tissue can survive for a period of time.

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There is an inherent inaccuracy in this method in that the penumbra impedes the accuracy lớn which the beam edge và subsequent centre of the field can be determined.
Dworkin"s critique, in its new và reduced guise, reinstates the core/penumbra distinction that has always been lớn the liking of positivists.
These borderline cases comprise a "penumbra of uncertainty" with respect khổng lồ the applicability of a general term; it is this penumbra of uncertainty that forms the term"s xuất hiện texture.
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