The Deuce

Get into the gritty & decadent world of NYC"s Times Square in the 1970s, as the business of pleasure begins its climb khổng lồ become a billion-dollar industry in this drama series from the creative team behind "The Wire(R)" and "Treme(R)". James Franco, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gary Carr, Gbenga Akinnagbe, Dominique Fishback, Emily Meade, Lawrence Gilliard, Jr. Head up a stellar cast.

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Twin brothers Vincent and Frankie Martino navigate 1971 Times Square at the dawn of the pornography industry.


2.Show and Prove

Vincent is tempted by an offer from mob capo Rudy Pipilo; Candy gets a firsthand look at porno filmmaking.




5.What Kind of Bad?

Bobby tries lớn convince Vincent to accept Rudy's latest offer; Candy considers a career change.

7.Au Reservoir

The Deuce's pimps face obsolescence; Candy eyes a higher profile; Vincent confronts Abby's past.

8.My Name is Ruby

Season One Finale. Vincent balks at getting in any deeper with Rudy; Candy sees the future of pornography.

Season Two Premiere. Times Square, 1977. Vincent is now proprietor of a new mob-backed disco, while his girlfriend Abby has brought the nascent punk-rock culture into the Hi-Hat. Vincent's twin brother Frankie remains a problem, "borrowing" money from the sex emporium he manages lớn pay off his debts. Meanwhile, Candy looks khổng lồ make more artful, ambitious adult films.
Confronted with the changing realities of prostitution & porn, C.C. Doubles down on his assets while fellow pimp Larry Brown eyes a new opportunity. Candy turns khổng lồ Genevieve Furie, a onetime porn director who's graduated lớn slasher films, for filmmaking advice. Paul is approached by Matty the Horse, a rival of Rudy's, who promises Paul the mob protection he deserves.
Lori envisions a sunny future in LA after attending the AFAA Erotica Awards with Harvey and Candy, who's looking to lớn connect with west-coast producers willing to turn her fairy tale into reality. Paul & Kenneth approach Vincent about a loan for a new nightclub, miễn phí from mob ties. Goldman visits Alston's precinct to mô tả the mayor's vision for cleaning up the Deuce.
Ashley & Abby resolve lớn track down the identity of a 16-year-old sex worker killed in a recent fire. Vincent is shaken after witnessing the brutal side of Rudy's operation. Candy recruits some new faces khổng lồ help her out with the production. Frankie finds his dry-cleaning business a less-than-perfect fit. Lori looks to forge a deal with Kiki.
Temporarily flush with cash, Frankie is tapped by Candy khổng lồ be a co-producer on Red Hot. Lori eyes a plum role in the film, but still feels the burden of being under C.C.'s yoke. With Rudy's blessing, Big Mike & Black Frankie hit a gambling house in the Bronx. Bobby finds himself stigmatized at trang chủ and at the Hi-Hat after a surprise raid overseen by Alston.
Candy shoots her opus guerilla-style on the streets of New York. Vincent makes a confession to Abby, along with a promise khổng lồ change. Ashley & Abby help a prostitute escape the Deuce, with a little help from Vincent. Larry Brown gets a promotion. Paul celebrates the opening of his new upscale club. Bobby turns lớn Vincent to lớn find work for his wayward eldest son, Joey.

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Trapped by his own success, Vincent envisions an idyllic rural life with Abby. Candy is frustrated by her mob backers' misogyny và weighs telling her son, Adam, what she really does for a living. Shay reverts to form, to Irene's dismay. Joey falls in love. Darlene đơn hàng with unexpected news. Lori hits a roadblock in her quest for adult-film stardom. Alston faces a dilemma.
Rudy và Matty the Horse buy Lori away from C.C., who has a back-end agenda. Abby, Dave & Loretta warn Ashley about the dangers of her aggressive activism. Goldman shares his plans for cleaning up the Deuce with Alston. Larry Brown is reunited with a girl from his past. Vincent turns lớn his father for relationship advice. Candy puts the finishing touches on Red Hot.
Season Two Finale. As Red Hot premieres, Candy, Harvey, and Frankie get caught between competing investors. Vincent and Abby must giảm giá khuyến mãi with an unexpected loss. Lori is afraid to lớn go to lớn LA without C.C.'s permission. Paul turns khổng lồ a familiar source khổng lồ help finance Tod's dream. Darlene comes clean. Goldman and Alston's plan for cleaning up Times Square hits a roadblock.
Season Three Premiere. On the eve of 1985, a worn-out Vincent reconnects with his ex-wife, Andrea, as his open relationship with Abby grows more distant. Despite becoming a family man, Frankie continues his risky side hustles. With the newly dominant VHS format shaking up their industry, Candy và Harvey travel to lớn Las Vegas for an adult film convention.
Frankie takes his amateur porn business lớn the next level and ends up in a confrontation with Rudy. Candy brainstorms a new film based on the experiences of her fellow sex workers. Abby và Loretta take care of Shay when she shows up khổng lồ the Hi-Hat in bad shape. Lori is advised be more compliant after she dares lớn stand up for herself on set.
Abby befriends a graffiti artist named Pilar and takes a surprising trip downtown. Candy sets a firm line with Hank when it comes khổng lồ money. As Tod's health worsens, he reexamines his priorities and asks for Paul's support. Melissa is forced khổng lồ face her past. Alston explores different strategies for getting a shady SRO owner lớn sell. Bobby pays Joey a visit on Wall Street.
Lori returns to thành phố new york for an audition & runs into some familiar faces. While searching for actors for her new film, Candy speaks lớn her critics at a Women Against Pornography meeting. As things heat up with Jennifer, Alston takes a drastic step to lớn deliver for Goldman. Melissa leaves the city. Abby grows closer lớn Pilar as her relationship with Vincent wanes.
With his club shuttered, a distraught Vincent follows a lead down a dangerous path. Paul reaches out to lớn Tod's parents. Candy battles Harvey over her latest script và reunites with her estranged son, Adam. Lori hits the feature nhảy circuit with mixed results. Abby reflects on her choices when she gets an unexpected visitor. Bobby does right by black Frankie.
In the wake of a personal loss, Candy finds the emotional chip core of her latest movie. Abby confronts Vincent after she makes an alarming discovery. Paul turns lớn activism as the sida epidemic continues to lớn ravage New York's gay community. Vincent tips off Rudy lớn Tommy's disloyalty. Lori realizes she's on her own when both Greg & Kiki let her down.
A struggling Lori turns lớn Candy for help before revisiting The Deuce. Candy makes a surprising giảm giá to secure funding for her film. Abby takes a stand against the latest phase of Midtown redevelopment. After a difficult visit with Mike, Vincent is approached by a candid Tommy, who explains the new world order. Bobby considers Joey's latest money-making scheme.

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Series finale. Big changes come lớn The Deuce as gen sees opportunity in the city's public health crisis. Vincent looks to get out from under the mob's thumb & makes peace with Abby, who decides to lớn pursue a new future. Candy makes a critical choice in her relationship with Hank. Harvey speaks his mind about Candy's film. Alston recognizes the truth of Midtown's redevelopment.