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While designing my không tính tiền email course Create A Compelling Pholớn Story In One Week, I started thinking about what kinds of stories offer a good chance for learning. I want those of you who took a look at my photo course but felt overwhelmed by figuring out who to photograph lớn know it’s not as hard as you think khổng lồ find a fascinating subject to lớn focus on. The goal with the course is lớn find someone that’s easy to get permission to lớn photograph, so you can focus on the storytelling. Without further avì, here are 5 simple ideas lớn start your own photo lớn story. You could start any one of these projects tomorrow!


#1 Find a family member

For many of us, focusing on a family thành viên is a great way to practice photography. ( I do want lớn recognize that this is not possible for everyone, however.) If you vị decide lớn photograph a family member, perhaps you focus on your children, taking photos of their development, or the things they lượt thích lớn vị. You could focus on their firsts, like first steps, first swimming lesson, or first time feeding themselves.

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Becs Viveash, who owns Viveash Photography, makes beautiful photographs of her children.

Window kisses. Always a great way to lớn put this into perspective sầu.

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Or maybe, you start photographing your partner. I will always remember this project that a wife made following her husband’s depression (some nudity). Aside from documenting his struggle, she used photography as a tool for dealing with a difficult situation. In the Feature Shoot article about her work, she says she wasn’t sure if photographing hyên would be the right choice since he was really struggling with depression. “She was hesitant at the onmix, fearing she would “isolate hlặng further by picking up the camera.” When she did, she found it became a lifeline tying them together.”

I agree that photography can be a tool to lớn bring people together if you use it right.

Another interesting project by Pixy Lao (some nudity) explores gender roles. Her portraits of her boyfrikết thúc and herself have shocked some viewers because she subverted the power dynamics people are used to in heterosexual relationships. But she says of how the work affected her relationship, “The project has made us partners. This project is based on our relationship và grows with our relationship.”

Perhaps you would lượt thích to make photos of an aging parent. There are many impressive photo series chronicling aging parents earthly goodbyes, và yet there is still room for more good work. When we strive lớn make our work & vision deeply personal, it can only add lớn a specific genre because no two experiences are the same.

#2 Almost lượt thích family, focus on your pet

When I was a kid, cats would just show up at our rural home page in West Virginia. I don’t remember a catless time, in fact. We had a cat who’d been caught in a bear trap & limped, another who had only three legs (aptly named Tripod), but who could climb a tree at full tốc độ. We found Puss in Boots at a canal, so hungry, my parents were able lớn lure her khổng lồ their oto with prunes. Later, after getting healthy, she became a triông xã mèo who stood on her baông xã legs swatting at the gnats around her head.

What I’m saying is, there were copious cats around & that hasn’t changed. Photographing animals is a different task than just loving them, though. Sure, we see tons of photographs & videos of animals online; many of us spover more time than we’d like khổng lồ admit watching cat videos. So, there is something undeniably entertaining about pets. But how vị we create unique images of animals that really convey their chất lượng qualities?

When photographing animals, how can you get show their personality? How will you make them sympathetic and dynamic characters, and let their stories emerge? Will you document their relationship with a human or another animal, or will you focus on only one pet? These are some of the important questions khổng lồ consider when photographing them.

As for an in, animals are usually ok with photos. That being said, some may be shy & uninterested, like my mèo Olifur. For some reason, if I try to lớn take his photograph, he usually turns his head. I am not sure what’s exactly ‘right’ or ethical when considering whether animals are ok with photographs, but I guess not causing harm is the key. All in all, I think animals are a good bet for a photo lớn project.

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#3 Someone who h& makes things

It’s human nature to lớn want lớn watch someone vì chưng something interesting, especially if it’s doing something with their hands. I always think of a bunch of guys (or gals) gathered around a car, watching someone repair the engine.

You can use your camera as a tool to satisfy your curiosity about how people vị the interesting things they bởi vì. In Indonesia, there are so many tradespeople, artisans and small business owners who focus on creating things from scratch and creating handmade products. I wanted khổng lồ learn more about these Indonesian micro-entrepreneurs và that’s why I created a series photographing them named Odd Jobs. 

Many people that make things are open to lớn being photographed. After all, it can be flattering khổng lồ have someone interested in learning more about how you make something. When you approach a possible photography candidate, bức xúc why you’re interested in making photographs of them. What exactly vì you want lớn photograph? How will you portray them? And, what makes them unique?

Assuage your potential subject’s fears. Perhaps they feel they are not photogenic. If your potential subject isn’t open lớn photographs of their face, for instance, ask if you can make images of just their hands working. Perhaps once they’ve sầu seen the resulting photographs và have learned that you’re not threatening, you can revisit taking photographs of their face.


The more vulnerable you are with your potential subjects, the more they will trust you.

In this age, there are a lot of videos of people making things (waffles, coffee, whatever) floating around social truyền thông. So, it may be easy to get permission (whether explicit, or implied with a smile) khổng lồ photograph once, however; creating an ongoing relationship where you continue to lớn document your subject takes more care. But it’s possible!


#4 A farmer or farmer’s market worker

I recently wrote about how endlessly fascinating I find fruit and veggies. Judging from the response, I am not the only one. 

There are a few great things about photographing at farmers’ markets. First, they are colorful, with interesting people và bright colorful produce. There is a cornucopia of shapes & textures, & great backgrounds for human interest shots.

Also, farmers’ market goers are usually in a festive sầu mood because the markets often feel like festivals. Therefore, many of them are open lớn photographs. Also, the people working the stands are there to engage with people, & the vibe is markedly different than visiting most grocery stores. That’s why gaining access to photograph people at farmers’ markets isn’t usually that difficult.

I’d consider farmers’ markets a strong contender as a simple idea lớn start your own photo lớn story


Similar to people who work at farmers’ markets, farmers themselves, especially those involved in organic or community farming initiatives, are often interested in getting khổng lồ know people from their community. Farmers offer sustenance, và many are glad to mô tả information about their farming practices. They enjoy educating people about where their food comes from.

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Do some retìm kiếm và find out what’s being grown in your area. Next, see if you can visit the farm. I enjoy the work of Yolanta Siu who is currently documenting farming projects in Jeju, South Korea.

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