How To Unlock Lg G6 Unlock Lg G6, Reset Unlock Lg G6


You’ll find many reasons lớn experience issues with LG G6. But before doing something lớn solve what is wrong, you should identify first what caused the problems. Troubleshooting your LG G6 model by LG isn’t as difficult as you would think. In truth, though you aren’t a tech specialist, you can solve the problems by yourself.

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So what’s the most common issue you may experience in your LG G6 model? Perhaps, forgetting a password/pin or pattern lock could be one of the most significant problems with your LG G6 handset by LG that can be happened.

Here are some tips and tricks on how you can reset/unlock/hard reset your LG G6 when you forgot pattern lock or forgot password or sạc or Face Unlock.

Why Reset or Unlock LG G6 ?

The thing is, people often make mistakes và get locked out of their phones. Trust me, it’s an honest mistake, và you’re not the only one facing this. Every day, lots of people may make the same mistake & come here to lớn look for solutions.

Every mistake that causes a phone to get locked is different. So, according to the type of locking, there’s a specific method that you can apply. Lets’ talk about various kinds of locking và several ways to get you out of that locked phase.

Things you will learn here with your LG G6:

Factory resetHard ResetGoogle security questionGoogle find my deviceFlash the device using game android multi toolUse any trustworthy unlock tool available onlineCode resetreset Forgot PasswordRoot và installing custom ROMface unlock remove

So, these are the methods that you can apply khổng lồ unlock your phone. Not all the option is applicable for similar type situations. Every way involves for a specific problem. So, read through the options to lớn determine which one is your issue and apply accordingly.

Method 1

How lớn Unlock LG G6 by Hard Reset

Hard reset is usually meant for the times when you can’t access your phone at all. That means you have forgotten the lock screen pattern or password, or your fingerprint is not matching. So, for this reason, you have to lớn attempt a hard reset.

But don’t worry, if you have your data transfer module selected remotely from “developer options”, you can transfer your data khổng lồ your computer.

Google tài khoản keeps backup of everything nowadays. So, you might not lose any data at all if you have all the backups turned on. Follow the steps below khổng lồ perform a hard reset.

Make sure the battery of LG G6 already full or more than 50%When phone in lock modePress & hold the “power button” and the “volume down” together for a few seconds until the phone screen is litif something it does not work try with the “Volume down button” or 3 buttons combinedPhone will show the below screen


The LG G6 will restart & keep continue pressing the power & vol down key


Now using vol up/vol down select Yes



On this screen, when yes is selected, press the power button to select.


After successfully LG G6 will restart.

After the phone turned on, Your device will be like, taken out of the factory.

Alternate method 1 of Unlock LG G6 by Hard Reset / Recovery Mode

Make sure the battery of LG G6 already full or more than 50%Turn off your phone.Press và hold the “power button” and the “volume up button” together for a few seconds until the phone screen is litif something it does not work try with the “Volume down button” or 3 buttons combinedThe phone will vibrate and the screen logo sản phẩm will show, release all keysNo command will show, release và press the power button và vol up/down button again


Now you will see the recovery mode window


 On this screen, you can only use your volume buttons to lớn toggle through the options and the power button lớn select.Toggle using the volume buttons and select Wipe Data/Factory Reset


User nguồn button khổng lồ select it.You will see the confirmation screen. Toggle & select “Factory Data Reset” 



After successfully reset the phone, select “Reboot system now” to reboot the phone.


After the phone turned on, Your device will be like, taken out of the factory.

Method 2

How to lớn Unlock LG G6 by Factory Reset

The factory reset is a straightforward process. It can be done while you’re on your phone. Usually, the locking condition, in this case, is ứng dụng lock. Sometimes to showroom an extra bit of protection, we lock specific applications. For example, if you don’t want anyone lớn see your pictures, you địa chỉ cửa hàng app lock to your gallery.

But if you forget that pattern or code, you won’t be able lớn access the gallery khổng lồ view your pictures. To lớn change that pattern or regulation, you have to know the exact one you used lớn lock your gallery.

To get out of this mess, you need to factory reset your device. Factory reset refers to removing all the information, apps, settings, và files that your phone currently has và turning it into the way precisely it was when you bought it the first time apart from firmware updates.

You will thua kém all your data, all your photos, documents, và essential files after a factory reset. So, it’s evident that you back up each & everything on the cloud or your computer using a USB. After that, you’re good khổng lồ go.

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Follow the steps below lớn factory reset your LG G6.

Open “Settings” on your phoneFind và Open “General Management”Select “Backup và Reset”Find “Factory Data reset” and mở cửa itSelect “Reset”Then Last you will see và tap “Delete All”Then, your device will reboot, & it’ll take a few minutes for your phone to restart, it’s completely normal if it takes timeDo not try to force shutdown using the nguồn button

Now, the phone will turn on, và you will see that all your locks, settings, accounts, apps, etc., are gone. You will have lớn set all the applications as you got a new phone.

Note: Best way to lớn go lớn setting of Reset, search your phone using the term Reset

Method 3

How lớn Unlock LG G6 with Google Security Questions

When you’re backing up your passwords và settings using Google, you get to select a security question in case you forget them. So, Google Security questions in a method with which you can unlock your LG G6 phone.

When you’re at your locked screen, & you have attempted with a wrong pattern several times –

It will show a forget pattern optionAfter you tap that, your phone will ask you the Google security question that you have mix earlierAnswer that correctlySettings will tell you lớn select a new patternConfirm the new patternFinally, you’re done. Now, lock the screen and use the new pattern lớn unlock your LG G6

This applies only if you have your Google security questions memorized. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use this method.

Method 4

How lớn Unlock LG G6 with Google Find My Device

Find my device is an option with which you can locate your device & remote access from a computer to lớn erase everything on your device for security reasons.

This method usually opts when you thua trận your device, or it gets stolen. When your device is stolen, your data becomes very vulnerable, and the thief may attempt to use your data against you. That’s why google has this option with which you can erase all the data of your LG G6 remotely.

There are some perquisites though-

Your LG G6 must be synchronized with google find my deviceYour LG G6 has khổng lồ be connected khổng lồ the internet.

In most cases, you can use the hard reset option khổng lồ unlock your device when you get locked out of it & forget your password. But for some reason, due it any software issues or bugs, you may not be able khổng lồ access the fast boot or recovery mode.

Then is when you should apply this method. First-

If you have your device linked with “Find my device”, you’ll find it in the available devices section.
Select your device, và there will be such options as Secure device, Play sound, Erase device etc.Select the erase device option, and it will wipe out all the data from your phone

When the data is wiped out, you will see that the device is no longer locked và the interface has become factory fresh.

Method 5

How to Unlock LG G6 Using Android Multi-Tool

There’s an option with which you can wipe all the data of your device using your computer. All you need is a USB cable to lớn connect your phone with the PC/laptop và Software called Android Multi-Tool.

First, you have to-

Download app android multi ToolConnect yourLG G6 phone with the computer through a USB cableStart the applicationIt would help if you had USB debugging activated on your device using Developer options through settingsThen power up your device pressing the volume down and power button togetherThen a dropdown option will appear on the Software on your computer when your điện thoại thông minh enters recovery modeHit the number 5 option which wipes out all the data from your deviceAfter the process is complete reboot your phone

You’ll see that any lock that your phone had is gone. It’s good as new, & you have to lớn perform the phối up of your phone as a new device.

Method 6 (For Advanced user)

Unlock/Reset LG G6 by Root and Installing Custom Rom/Fresh Rom

When there’s an issue with the Software, some options of your phone will supposedly fail due to lớn bugs. In that case, what you can vày is, root your LG G6 & install a Fresh Rom of LG G6 or a different software of any other phone on your device that is compatible with the specifications.

This is a method many people apply but has many downsides lớn it. You will thất bại the warranty of your device. But if you can select the correct ROM & firmware for your device, in most cases which is very easy to lớn find, your device will work better than ever.

Unlock bootloaderInstall TWRPDownload any custom ROM you want that supports LG G6Install the custom ROM using TWRP bootloader

There are many different methods of how you can vày this. Using TWRP is the most convenient method for everyone.

About LG G6 Phone:

LG G6 is a great phone by LG. It comes with game android 7.0, up to android 9.0, LG UX 8 UI. It has storage of 32GB/64GB/128GB storage, microSDXC. The screen kích thước is 5.7″, và the highest display resolution is 1440×2880 pixels. Powered by 13MP camera and it has variant of 4 GB RAM with Snapdragon 821. & yes its battery is Li-Po with 3300mah, which is enough for this phone more than 1 day+ of uses.

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Final Words

These are the ways you can unlock your LG G6 if you get locked out of your device. Remember, a điện thoại thông minh is a very complicated device. If you do not follow the steps, we have talked about in the order we have set them, you might kết thúc up causing damage & bricking your phone mostly if you try the ROM implementation method. Your device may not start again. So, follow the steps mentioned earlier accordingly. You will be able to lớn unlock your LG G6 without breaking a sweat.