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Digital agency 10 Yetis has revealed the results from its nhận xét inkhổng lồ how the music Clip Gangnam Style became so popular online, finding that the chiến dịch was an organic natural hit with little if any “gaming” (false manipulation) of traffic volumes và online mentions. Overall the report found that, rather than being celebrity tweets which drove the popularity, it was a well structured và meticulously executed campaign by the South Korean label company behind the song; YG Entertainment.

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The report was broken down into three stages; firstly the set-up by YG Entertainment, secondly the song và the Clip content và finally the truyền thông media push.

Gangphái nam Style

Stage 1: The Set-UpDriven by the record label behind Psy (the star of Gangnam giới Style), YG Entertainment, the Clip formed part of a wider business goal khổng lồ push inlớn the US and UK music industry.The report found that YG Entertainment had spent a significant amount of time, before the song came along, setting up an office in America and exploring partnerships with artists such as Will.i.Am. A giảm giá announced with record label Scooter Braun was also brokered in advance, và planned to be announced at the right, strategic, time, so as lớn give the campaign a further boost.The company also invested in organically growing an engaged audience, so that when the right song came along, they had a large platkhung on which khổng lồ seed the campaign to ensure maximum exposure và a surefire online hit.In addition YG"s seeding platsize, pre-Gangnam giới, it had around 2.5 million subscribers khổng lồ its various YouTube channels & had achieved in the region of 1.6 billion views of musicians’ videos across those channels. Its main artists also, as is expected, have sầu Twitter accounts, mainly being used to push information to lớn high follower numbers. These seeding platforms were vital to lớn its efforts. YG knew that its YouTube subscriber numbers alone would mean that it would get high volumes of views from day one.

Stage 2: The ContentThey had the platforms & audiences lớn seed a viral chiến dịch when the right opportunity came along.Taking a closer look at the song & associated đoạn Clip, this too had the factors khổng lồ not just become an online hit, but an online hit across multiple genres, territories và sectors. The tuy nhiên was eye catching; the bright flashy colours being hugely attractive sầu for kids. Crucially, language was not a barrier, instead comprehensible lyrics were replaced by a ‘catchy lyrics & a punchy chorus.’The video for Gangnam Style used a set of high profile và topical characters such as a khiêu vũ boy from popular show South Korea has Talent, alongside two well-known South Korean entertainers/comedians.The report suggests that these three characters, combined with Psy’s own successful trachồng record in the South Korean music industry, added to how “shareable” it was online.

Stage 3: The CoverageKey milestones in the release of the đoạn Clip show various points during the rise, plateau và eventual decline in Gangphái nam Style popularity .The video clip was launched on July 15 2012. It was proceeded by two tweets from
allKpop, the twitter tài khoản associated with American based AllkPop.com, a celebrity and music gossip site focused on the Korean music industry. On day one, the YouTube video had received over 500,000 views. The video went on khổng lồ debut at number one in the Korean music charts. Media outside Korea was slow lớn piông xã up on the đoạn Clip. An article in Gizmobởi on July 26 followed by a feature in Telegraaf in Hollvà (July 27) caused a slight upward trkết thúc in video views. The next big push came via Gawker, which wrote a story on the song and video that generated 19,00 Facebook Likes/Shares for the article (July 30) which was followed by articles in Billboard, Huffington Post, và TV news pieces from CNN and Sky News. The spike in traffic & views of the video caused YouTube Trends to write a post on Gangnam Style, making it their Video of the Month in terms of views và likes (Aug 7).Celebrity support via tweets, from the likes of Katy Perry và Josh Grogan, came much later inlớn the campaign, but when they did they gave sầu a further push in the đoạn phim views.The very final peak was when Guinness World Records issued a release relating to Psy breaking all known records for the number of views that the video clip has had. At this point, everything slows & a slow decline begins.

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Speaking about the retìm kiếm, Andy Barr, head Yeti at 10 Yetis said: “This has been a really interesting piece of research và I will admit to lớn being skeptical about the manipulation of the figures from YG Entertainment, but it is really clear that the chiến dịch was well thought out, well executed & we at 10 Yetis doff our cap to Psy and the YG Entertainment team”.He continued: “Many online marketing analysts cited celebrity tweets as the reason behind the Gangphái mạnh Style success, but this was clearly wrong: celebrity tweets did not happen until after the initial spikes in traffic.”

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