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Quinn Sieu Pmê say is gian lận skin lol không tính tiền, This mod uses skins you can change the default skin of the character in the game League of Legends, you can easily install, or you can tải về skins gian lận file for reference, all skin thủ thuật, mod maps is free for everyone. Quinn and Valor are an elite ranger team. With crossbow & claw, they undertake their nation"s most dangerous missions deep within enemy territory, from swift reconnaissance khổng lồ lethal strikes. The pair"s unbreakable bond is deadly on the battlefield, leaving opponents ravaged & riddled with arrows long before they realize who they"re fighting: not one, but two Demacian legends. As a young girl, Quinn shared a hunger for adventure with her twin brother. They dreamed of becoming knights, but lived a quiet, humble life in the rural borderlands of Demacia. Together they imagined triumphant battles in faraway lands, seizing glory for their king and slaying foes in the name of Demacian justice. When daydreams alone could no longer satisfy their warriors souls, they embarked on daring wilderness adventures in tìm kiếm of true danger. One such quest turned to lớn tragedy when a terrible accident claimed her brother"s life. Overcome with grief, Quinn abandoned her dreams of knighthood.

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On the anniversary of her loss, Quinn gathered the courage lớn return to the scene of the tragedy. To her surprise, she found a wounded Demacian eagle at the site of her brother"s death - a rare và beautiful bird long believed extinct. Quinn nursed the fledgling bachồng to health, and as they grew up together, a deep bond formed between the two. She saw the same chất lượng in her newfound frikết thúc that had lived within her brother, và so she gave sầu hyên the name ""Valor."" The pair found strength in each other, và together they pursued the dream she had once abandoned. The Demacian army had never seen heroes like Quinn và Valor. Their deadly skills quickly set them apart from their rank-and-tệp tin peers, but many still had their doubts. How could a common-born girl, even with such a powerful creature at her side, forego years of military training? Quinn and Valor proved themselves on one critical mission, tracking down a Noxian assassin who had evaded an entire Demacian battalion. When they brought hlặng to justice, they finally earned the admiration & respect of their nation. The two now serve as living, fighting icons of Demacian strength & perseverance. Together, Quinn and Valor will stvà against any threat khổng lồ their beloved home page. - Download in Mediafire : Download in Google Drive :