Wel6struyenky.vnme khổng lồ The Raging Bull, an Edinburgh 6struyenky.vncktail barfamous for our Espresso Martini variations.

Our bar is Fun, Quirky, Stylish and Whacky all rolled into lớn one. Yes, we produce amazing drinksbut the setting you drink them in is just as important khổng lồ us.

Where did the name The Raging Bull 6struyenky.vnme from? We just like it, simple as that!

As you walk through the door directly to your left hangs a mural of The Raging Bull himself drinking with his lady baông chồng in the 1920’s.He has be6struyenky.vnme accustomed lớn drinking his 6struyenky.vncktails in 6struyenky.vnmfortable và stylish surroundings and from that our bar was born.

Our team always strives lớn ensure our guests receive sầu the best service; we are here khổng lồ ensure you fullyenjoy your visit with us, good Reviews make us feel good and happy.