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Although Dota 2 is a very popular game worldwide và millions of people play it every day, there are many functions that not many know about and understand. One of them is Roll. It is a command, entering which the player receives a random number from 0 to lớn 100. It does not influence the game itself. But you can use it for different goals:

When can you use the roll in Dota 2?

1. Argue for the position.

Sometimes there is a dispute about the lanes. At the beginning of the match, when two or more players choose an icon of the mid lane & do not know how to decide who will go there, they can initiate Roll. This is the easiest way to resolve the conflict. Khổng lồ resolve a dispute they can all use the command. Và the player, who gets the highest number, wins và can go to the chosen lane. Accept defeat, if you lost your roll and do not try lớn take the lane in any way. It will be unfair và everybody in your team wants one thing – lớn win the game.

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2. To mock your enemy.

Roll is not used in other cases, maybe just in mems. There are sometimes situations when a player says: “If I get 100, I will leave the game”. Và then he gets this number và really leaves the game. There are some proofs of such comic situations on the internet.

How to make Roll in Dota 2?

It is possible lớn make a roll with a command. You need lớn activate it in a general or team chat. You can vì chưng it the next way:

· While in a match, you need to xuất hiện a chat, using Shift+Enter · Enter “/roll” · After that you can get a random number

Take into tài khoản that the number can be more than 100 if you use “/roll 1-2000”. Any number can be received up khổng lồ the indicated number. The above numbers are not taken into account.

How khổng lồ win Roll in Dota 2

It is impossible to lớn win Roll in Dota 2. It is not controlled by players. But there may be one cheating way, only in case you are playing with a careless person. You can write “/roll 100-100”. Only with this value, you can win. Take in mind, that this will work out only with the inattention of your teammate. This is the only possible way, & there are no others.

How Flip in Dota 2

Here is a little additional tip for you. Whenever you want khổng lồ go 1 on 1 with a player & decide literally anything, you can use the flip. Keep in mind, you can use it in the private lobby only.

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--- bài bác mới rộng ---


Tiny is a strenghth based nhân vật that can hit harder than just about any other anh hùng in one hit, and has a full bộ with Pros:Cons: Avalanche & Toss that can vì chưng around 1,000 damage.

+very stong carry

+even as a meele, very good mid

+high burst damage

-low armor

-low agi gain

-low mana early

+MELTS towers!!!!11!!!1!11!!

+high damage


: This is your bread an butter skill. It is a one second stun, that keeps getting applied through out the spells one second duration, making it a 2 second stun in reality. This spell also does multipul instances of damage making it good for burning through Templar Assassin’s Refraction charges. Also keep in mind that this spell has a slight delay from when you cast it, this is both good và bad, you can miss your avalanche with this delay if the anh hùng you are trying to lớn hit is right on the cusp of its range, HOWEVER when there are heros lượt thích Bane & Enigma who rely on big chaneled ults to win dota, you can use this right before you get

Fiend’s Gripped or right as enigma blinks into your team. (the stopping grip i have done before btw)

: Your other bread and butter skill (this one is the butter random unit và throw them to the unit you selected. In the game when you hover over the spell it only shows the throw range, the pick up range is just a little out side of meele. The uses of this skill are lớn Avalanche is the bread). This move will take a toss in initatiors who don’t have blink dagger yet(throw away unwanted enemies. The final 2 uses for this are, the Tidehunter, Axe,etc…), another use is to lớn toss enemies into your team, one more use is lớn

Avalanche + Toss combo(i will explain this later), và getting the last hit on towers. Toss’s AoE damage does dmage to lớn towers, so if the other team wants khổng lồ deny, you have a 100 tower damage spell, just toss a creep lớn a creep standing near the tower. (Did this to lớn a

Troll Warlord once, he as trying khổng lồ deny his tower, so i got vision of him và threw his own creep at him for the last hit.)

Grow!: This is a great ult, it gives you move speed, damage and toss damage. It’s only downside is the small atackspeed loss, but it seems big beacuse tiny has almost no attackspeed anyways.

Aghanim’s upgrade: It just makes tiny really good… really. +50% cleave, +107 attack range (from 128 to 235), more toss damage, & an insane 75% bonus damage to lớn buildings! : This is a great move, but we can’t take it until our other two moves are maxed out. It will help with your armor problems a little & it makes you every good against other meele carries because they can stun themselves. Keep in mind if there are multipul people in range of the stun (basicly meele) it will stun a random unit, not nessicerily the one that hits you.

Early game

Late game

This is where you have lớn make your pssence knowm. After every won teamfight, you have take a tower, và with Tiny’s incredable tower damage, that should be a brezze. When pushing high ground you can just Toss creeps at them until the tower breaks, meaning they don’t want a long drawn out push, và that is good, because of the lead you should have gained early on in the game, you should win the fight and as long as you live, you can take a mix of rax in about trăng tròn seconds depending on farm.

If you catch anyone out of position, just combo them, play the late game like the mid game, but with more man fights and confrontations.

I also want khổng lồ point out that the Avalanche + Toss combo scales into the late trò chơi ebcause of grow! giveing toss more damage, so with maxed out grow + Aghanim’s Scepter the bộ combo will do; 300*4=1200*0.75=900 damage after magic resist. This is better than a Laguna Blade or Finger of Death with an agh’s upgrade.


: basic regen, use it when get harrassed.

: Regen, use it when get hit with a few spells và are down a bit of HP.

: very important for you, the extra stats are nice, but the int… you don’t have enough mana for Avalanche + Toss full bộ until level 4 normally, with these you ahve it 3 và that can be trò chơi changing.

: Even if you arn’t mid I recomend this thành quả of tiny, because it solves your mana problems so long as you are active and getting runes, which I feel is import for tiny khổng lồ do.

: These boots give you more attack speed which you need và the power lớn tread switch khổng lồ make your man go further.

: Good tòa tháp to turn your branches into, only get it if there are heros you will be getting charges from.

: absolute core. One of the best agh’s upgrades in the trò chơi in my opinion. The stats are really good for you, you can utalise all of them, & the extras give more damage lớn your combo, and more push & hard carry powers.

: Solves your armor issues, solves your attack speed issues, gives a minus armor aura, whats not to love about this item.

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: You have really good damage, so being able khổng lồ crit can be huge, esspecially with your một nửa cleave.

: You have such high base damage from your ultimate, that your illusions hit really hard, on vị trí cao nhất of that, the agi nice khổng lồ your armor and attack speed.

: Makes you very beefy, give 40 damage, makes illusions better, stay in fights longer.

:I’ll be honest, a kind of a strange pickup on a str carry, but it is an extra disable và you can not have mana problems with it. This is a very rare pick up, only get this if you feel you 100% need it, & always have a 7th thành tựu so when you win a fight, you can swap this out for another item & push. (The reason you would get this over another anh hùng is beacsue you can farm very fast, very.

: Magic immunity, very strong to have, but only if you need it. Get it if the other team has a lot of stuns/slows.

: very good thắng lợi on tiny, very good. It lets you close the gap bettween you and the person you want to full bộ on. Get this after your boots but before your Aghanim’s Scepter. Because this cống phẩm give you nothing else in return, it is pertinent that you get kills, alot of them, so you can buy your other items.

:This is a very cost effective item, và very good on tiny, I personally don’t get it because i like getting my 15 min agh’s, but this should only really delay the timing by about 5 minutes.

Friends và foes


: He loves you, if you stand on the outside of the fight, side by side with noone else around. You can throw him into the middle of your enemies so he can Ravage without a blink dagger.

: You và him are best buds for life. His Overcharge makes you an absolute monster. You and him just stick together pushing towers, when your team needs you just Relocate right into the fight, full bộ someone off, take the fight, go back to pushing. With him you are a semi-rat, but he can make you go toe-to-toe with some of the hardest carries in the game.

: comes equppied with a stun, a minus armor spell, but most importantly, 36% more damage, by level 16 + items, she gives you about 100 mre damage from her aura.

: You and this guy are pals. Empower makes your crazy damage even crazyer, và makes you get 100% cleave, you become instant kunkka, but better. Also RP & your moves go great together.

: The only thing he provides for you (other than another exelent tower pushing carry) is his ult, Battle Trance. This makes you hit even faster, & that is all we want.


: You have low armor, slardar feasts on low armor heros with amplify damage. He is actually harder for you khổng lồ man fight than

Faceless Void.

: He is one of a few carries you cant really fight, because his Mana Break will destroy your mana through out the whole game, & when he gets his Manta Style the illusions will take the

Craggy Exterior stuns for him.

: He has build in magic immunity to lớn stop your combo, và he destroys naturally tanky heros lượt thích yourself.

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: His Fire Spirits make it so you can’t hit anything, và you can’t solo take out a Supernova.