Download Sky Vega Im, Sky Vega A870 S, K & L Versions

huynhvohoanguyenAs many user own this phone outside of KOREA và they want some new features and latest game android Version on their phonesSo I"m writing this thread khổng lồ just Translatethe original post by

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- android 6.0.1_r24-> r30- Update Bootanimations- Update boot biệu tượng công ty same as bootanimation- Custom Settings Dashboard Colors- Pulse Visualizer Sanity Level- Pulse Bar Customizations- Configurable Pulse Bar Spacing- ThemeChooser: update UI- Fix Selinux permessive mode reset after every reboot- Dyanamically Configurable Pulse Bar Dimensions- Floating Window- địa chỉ Back Pie- địa chỉ cửa hàng Pulse Tile- Statusbar weather: fix temp style after refresh- FWB :SmartBar Button Tint- Update some settings configurations icons- Disable expanded status bar weather by default- địa chỉ cửa hàng Option to Enable/Disable ScreenShot và ScreenRecord Shorcut- Configurable Keyguard Quick Shortcut Colors- LLS: Show notification panel if LLS crashes- LLS: Fix screen off event firing when not interactive- Improve TM animation và use stock detail background- Use CircularReveal animation lớn show/hide task manager panel- địa chỉ cửa hàng the ability lớn hide superuser status bar icon- Switch back to centimet root as default- Keyguard Charging Current Switch- Keyguard: show charging current in mAh on lockscreen- Themes: Update icon mapping on boot- Update themes icon drawables- fwb: add ability khổng lồ permanently hide apps from recents- ThemesTile: Don"t process clicks on current theme item- ThemeTile: Custom QS detail header title tư vấn for theming apps- About RR : địa chỉ cửa hàng g+ account to profile cards instead of twitter- Update Some Settings Activities- Settings: Ensure user has khổng lồ wait 30 before retrying pattern- SystemUI: địa chỉ cửa hàng HeadsUp snooze disabled state- bootanimation: Switch khổng lồ readahead- SystemUI: HeadsUp toast message- SysUI: Improve Show3g Logic- showroom ability khổng lồ disable bar color in battery saver mode- Global actions: fix airplane mode switch for MSIM- SystemUI: Fix nav bar transparency when enabling software keys- SysUI: Fix reporting of swipe progess in notification panel- Lockscreen : Ensure we hide bottom area in bouncer- livedisplay: Moving LiveDisplay to CMSDK- Lockscreen : Update shortcuts in onAttachWindow- GlobalActions: Always use setZenMode- Lockscreen : Fix dead-zone in bottom area- Remove Hide Settings Icon from header- SystemUI: fix double tab launching custom lockscreen icon- Point Amibent display tile longpress kích hoạt to it"s own settings- Remove Invert Colors và Cast Tiles as Default- Update A Custom SB logo- kiểm tra for deprecated third buổi tiệc nhỏ keyguard perm- packagemanager: Fix bootloop if packages.xml is deleted- Fix Heads Up and TaskManager buttons in StatusBarHeaderView- QSTiles: set disconnect callback in công nghệ bluetooth details danh sách adapter- SystemUI: Fix Statusbar Clock phông size/color on location changes- support for new properties lớn identify country based ecc #s added by RIL- Remove the brightness mirror- Give LockClock the location permission by default- translation imports- For more info Track Github Activities

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# Flash Guideâ?¢Copy zip in the phone memory (memory card)â?¢ In TWRP Recoveryâ?¢Select Wipe -> Factory resestâ?¢Install -> Select ROM .zip -> Flash româ?¢Flash GAppsâ?¢ Wipe Cache/Dalvik Cacheâ?¢rebootNOTE: The new rom you should do or not used in accordance with the above steps, it will not have problems, I saw "vast majority" of the rom you have forgotten Wipe data, leading to errors such as running slow, forced lớn close application, take waves, freezing! I hope you read carefully & install rom the steps!Thank all!

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