Root Samsung Galaxy S7 S7 Edge Android 8 0 Oreo 100% Working 2021 S8, S9, S10, S20


Samsung Galaxy S7 has made a great progress in upgraded hardware, kiến thiết refinements, & the restoration of features removed from the Galaxy S6. It"s regarded as the evolution of the prior year"s model.

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As far as increasing Samsung users are concerned, most of them are willing lớn root Samsung Galaxy S7 as well for more preferred personalized features on their phone.

Fortunately, the popular tool CF-Auto-Root utility by Chainfire has access to rooting Samsung Galaxy S7 now, although, until June 2016, the root package was solely applied for international Galaxy S7 (Exynos). It means that CF-Auto-Root then could not help root Galaxy S7 (Snapdragon 820) sold in the United States.

You can also root T-mobile/Sprint/Verizon/AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge device with CF-Auto-Root utility. Please be sure of your Samsung Galaxy S7 model.

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Part 1. Things You Should bởi Before You RootPart 2. How khổng lồ Root Samsung Galaxy S7

Part 1. Things You Should do Before You Root

Before You Root:

First of all, you need to download and install Samsung USB drivers for Samsung Galaxy S7 on your PC first. Then, it"s extremely crucial for you khổng lồ back up your data on Samsung Galaxy S7 as files will be deleted after rooting. What"s more, make Sure your Samsung Galaxy S7 has enough battery power nguồn for at least70%. Last but not least, double confirm your mã sản phẩm of Samsung Galaxy S7. You can kiểm tra via the path: Settings> About device> mã sản phẩm number. During the rooting process, unmatched root package on incorrect variant will damage your phone. To lớn avoid unwanted effects, ensure your Samsung Galaxy S7 is powered by Exynos, not Qualcomm Snapdragon 820.

Be careful: Honestly speaking, an inevitable but slight risk of damaging your phone exists.

Part 2. How to Root Samsung Galaxy S7

How to Root Galaxy S7 Using CF-Auto-Root

Step 1. Turn on OEM unlockStep 2. Enter download modeStep 3. Download CF-Auto-RootStep 4. Download Odin on Your PCStep 5. Run Odin as administratorStep 6. Root your Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge

Step 1. Turn on OEM unlock

You are supposed to turn on OEM unlock through Settings> Develop Options> OEM unlock first.


Step 2. Enter tải về mode

Turn off your Galaxy S7, và then press the Home, Power, & Volume Down for several seconds to lớn enter the download mode. Here, it will show you a warning that if you refuse to download a custom OS, you can press the Volume Down to cancel and the phone would be restarted.


Step 3. Tải về CF-Auto-Root

Please search the phone model lượt thích SM-G930* to tải về CF-Auto-Root for the Samsung Galaxy S7 on Nougat/Marshmallow.

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Please search the phone model like SM-G935* to download CF-Auto-Root for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on Nougat/Marshmallow.


When the CF-Auto-Root file downloading completes, extract the root package and extend the file, ".tar.md5".


Step 4. Download Odin on Your PC

Download the ROM Flashing tool, Odin, for your Samsung Galaxy S7 và then unzip the tệp tin of Odin you tải về on your PC.

Step 5. Run Odin as administrator

Right-click the Odin.exe và click Run as administrator. Now, you can connect your Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge in the tải về mode khổng lồ your PC via USB.


Step 6. Root your Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge

It will show you "Added!" in Odin if your Galaxy S7 is successfully connected khổng lồ your PC. If unfortunately failing, insert it in another USB port, change a new cable, or re-install the USB driver.


After connection, choose AP or PDA button và select the extracted file, ".tar.md5" in the downloaded tệp tin of CF-Auto-Root just now. Odin will automatically choose the auto Reboot và F.Reset Time provided by Chainfire for you. You just need to click the Start.


Rooting for your Samsung Galaxy S7 now! Wait for the rooting process & PASS will turn up in the kết thúc with ID:COM turning green. You are not supposed to disconnect your Galaxy S7 until you see the home screen after finishing rebooting in the Recovery mode.

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Here"s the entire process khổng lồ root your Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge. If you still have troubles in rooting, please feel at ease lớn write down your comments below or send thư điện tử to tương tác us.