WandaVision: 10 Ways Scarlet Witch Has Changed Since Age Of Ultron Wandomain authority Maximoff has had one of the MCU"s most complex (& heartbreaking) arcs thus far, & has changed more than almost any other character.

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Ever since Elizabeth Olsen first appeared as Wanda Maximoff in the post-credits scene for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, fans were curious as to lớn how the MCU would handle the Scarlet Witch. The film that truly introduced Wandomain authority was Avengers: Age of Ultron, which premiered in năm ngoái.

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However, the character of Wandomain authority has changed dramatically in the years that have passed since Age of Ultron was released. She has not only grown in some deeply personal ways, but her power has only gotten greater. With her recent starring role in WandaVision, it’s obvious that the Scarlet Witch has changed so much since fans first met her on the silver screen all those years ago.

Though Wanda had a rocky start in Avengers: Age of Ultron, she was able to prove sầu herself enough by the kết thúc of that film lớn establish herself as a superhero worthy of fighting on a team. After Age of Ultron, Wanda joined Vision, Sam Wilson/Falcon, và James Rhodes/War Machine as new official permanent members of the Avengers roster.

They received new uniforms, new training, & a new team captain: Captain America, of course. They all worked together at the Avengers Facility for some time before the team would eventually find itself falling apart, with Wandomain authority on one side of the conflict.

9 She Later Split From The Team To Become A War Criminal During Civil War

During her time as an Avenger, Wandomain authority sees some truly horrible things happen— including several deaths that she feels deeply responsible for. She feels that the explosion in Lagos was her fault because she tried lớn redirect a blast và accidentally blew up a nearby building. When the Avengers split down the middle, Wandomain authority ended up on Captain America’s side, which technically made her a war criminal along with the rest of that team.

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After Steve and Bucky escaped, Wanda & the rest of Steve’s team— Hawkeye, Falnhỏ, and Ant-Man— were arrested by the Avengers on the other side. They were imprisoned for a time before Steve sầu showed back up & freed them.

Wanda looks up in horror and covers her mouth with a hand
When Wanda first showed up in Lagos khổng lồ help stop the fight, it was obvious that she was one of the team’s power players. Steve sầu called her in to lớn help when the situation was dire, and she used her increasingly powerful abilities khổng lồ redirect an incredibly svào blast. This is a huge increase in her abilities from Age of Ultron, and she has only grown exponentially more powerful since.

By the end of the Infinity Saga, she was powerful enough khổng lồ take on Thanos by herself. And during the events of WandaVision, she is capable of magic that surpasses that of even the Sorcerer Supreme (Doctor Strange) according to Agatha Harkness.

7 Trauma Weighs On Her More All The Time

Vision fell in love with Wanda Maximoff
One of the unfortunate cornerstones of Wanda’s character in the MCU is an increasing amount of trauma. When the Avengers first find her, she và her brother, Pietro, had been through a horrible time since childhood, & Age of Ultron saw her losing Pietro in addition khổng lồ all that. After that movie, Wandomain authority had lớn khuyễn mãi giảm giá with the loss of Pietro; she struggled khổng lồ become cthua trận khổng lồ those around her, afraid khổng lồ let anyone in. Of course, once she eventually did, she ended up losing all of them, too.

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As Vision once told her, “What is grief if not love sầu, persevering?” In this case, Wandomain authority has a great deal of love sầu that still perseveres. She is traumatized by the death of her brother, by the explosion in Lagos, by the events of the Civil War, by the Snap, by the death of Vision, and so much more, over and over throughout the franchise.

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After Wanda became a war criminal & risked everything in Civil War, she, and many other Avengers, decided khổng lồ try và start new lives. She left the United States và went to Scotland lớn start over.

While she was there, her relationship with the Vision continued and deepened. Eventually, of course, she would over up drawn bachồng into the conflict, as would Vision. She tried lớn start a new life and have everything she wanted only khổng lồ be reminded yet again that she cannot have any of it.

5 She Fell In Love With Vision và Wanted To Start A New Life With Him

Over the years, Wanda & Vision went from tentative allies khổng lồ the loves of each others’ lives. Even though Vision is technically not a human, he still feels real love sầu for Wandomain authority, và she feels real love for hyên.

When it seems that the only thing khổng lồ vì in Avengers: Infinity War is lớn kill Vision và remove sầu the Mind Stone from his head, Wanda does everything she can khổng lồ prsự kiện this from happening. She grew lớn truly love Vision and be loved by him in return, even though they were not allowed khổng lồ stay together forever.

Eventually, it became clear that Thanos would stop at nothing in order khổng lồ forcibly remove the Mind Stone from Vision’s head. In order to prsự kiện this outcome, Vision had khổng lồ convince Wanda lớn be the one to lớn destroy the Stone; if it would be destroyed anyways, he would rather it be her that did it than anyone else.

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It was nearly impossible, but Wanda was svào enough to vì chưng what needed to be done & destroy Vision. Tragically, Thanos simply rewound time và restored Vision lớn life so he could tear the Mind Stone from his head anyway, killing hyên all over again right in front of her.

3 She Showed Just How Powerful và Confident She Was By Facing Off Against Thanos

During the final epic battle for the universe in Avengers: Endgame, Wanda saw an opportunity lớn get revenge against Thanos for what he had done to her. When she confronted hyên ổn all by herself, he said he didn’t even know who she was— lớn which Wandomain authority responded, “You will.”

She proved this was indeed the case when she attacked hlặng so ferociously that he had no choice but khổng lồ Hotline in reinforcements khổng lồ take her down for him. Wandomain authority did something that almost nobody toàn thân else in the universe is capable of: Faced off against Thanos alone & live to lớn tell the tale.

After Vision died, Wandomain authority wanted to lớn move on with her life. She remembered what Vision had told her in the past about moving on, about processing grief và carrying that love sầu forward, & so she wanted khổng lồ bury Vision’s toàn thân & continue on. However, Hayward made sure this wasn’t possible, và manipulated Wanda into stalling in her grief.

While Wanda had wanted to move on, it all became too much, and by the time she got khổng lồ Westview, she was so upset that she could no longer control herself, and simply lost it. She became so overwhelmingly powerful and so deeply in pain that she magically froze herself và a whole town in time & space.

1 She Was Overwhelmed By Her Extreme Power & Grief, And Saw No Choice But To Isolate Herself (For Now)

Following the events of WandaVision, Wanda realized that she was so powerful she had no choice but to isolate herself until she was capable of being around others anymore. The final scenes in WandaVision showed Wandomain authority sending herself into exile in the mountains, where her power only continues lớn grow.

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Agatha told Wandomain authority before that she was more powerful than the Sorcerer Supreme and that her magical abilities have been innate in her, present since childhood, và so Wanda is trying khổng lồ get a handle on just how powerful she is. She may have sầu lost control before, but it seems she is now going lớn great lengths to lớn ensure this does not happen again when she arrives back on the scene.

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