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Rare’s take on piracy is perfectly tuned to lớn make you act lượt thích Jaông xã Sparrow, and it’s only got better since launch


Hopefully you’ve got someone left over khổng lồ check the map below deông chồng, shouting up directions lớn the rest of the crew about which direction you need khổng lồ ayên for. That filters through to lớn whoever’s in the crow’s nest, as they try to lớn decipher whether the peak in the distance is the island you’re heading for or some craggy rochồng that’ll tear up your ship. Thenthose instructions have sầu lớn reach whoever’s at the wheel as they try khổng lồ direct the bulky, slow-turning vessel, usually while the sails bloông chồng the horizon from view.

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Are they flying the Jolly Roger because they want lớn kill or because it looks cool?

It feels a lot like the chaotic co-op action of a game like Overcooked, where you và your partners try lớn delegate roles sensibly, even as you start khổng lồ stretch yourselves out because there are simply too many to fill. If you’re at the wheel in Sea of Thieves, you need to trust your crew to tell you whether you’re steering safely or not. As the helmsman, you have sầu to lớn make a trustworthy Hotline on when to lớn drop anchor before you run aground (I have abused this trust many times).

While you’re doing all of that, other crews across your VPS are doing the same – running through the same mental gymnastics of teamwork while deciding on their own goals and picking up their own treasures. Whatever loot they have on board is exactly the same kind as that you’re sailing khổng lồ capture – so why not try to take it directly from another crew? It’s pure business efficiency.


That could mean a full-on naval battle, in which you try lớn scuttle the other crew’s ship and secure their treasure. It could mean sneakily hopping aboard an unprotected vessel while it’s docked and absconding with the loot while its crew is engaged in PvE battles. Or it could mean working together with another crew khổng lồ take down NPC bosses and then sharing the loot. That third scenario is far more common than you might think. In fact, it’s roughly a coin flip over whether any given crew is going khổng lồ greet you with a friendly wave sầu or with cannon fire.

Yo ho! Oh no!

Sea of Thieves’s recent success as a streaming game was kicked off by Summit1g, và he’s popularised a bloodthirsty playstyle in the game. That brought a controversy aao ước existing players over whether this is trolling or just playing the pirate game as a pirate should. As another pirate franchise might say: “take what you can, give nothing baông chồng.”

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The community that’s sprung up around Sea of Thieves over the past year is as devoted khổng lồ camaraderie as to piracy, & that’s essential khổng lồ its success. When you see another ship out there, you have no idea how that crew will receive you. So you approach each player encounter with caution, whispering with your crew about what you think is going to happen. Are they flying the Jolly Roger because they want to kill or because it looks cool? Do you think those pockmarked sails mean they’ve been through a big battle và are low on resources? Most importantly, how many of them are on board, và vị you reckon we could take them if things turn violent?

Sea of Thieves’s greathử nghiệm success isn’t in being a pirate game, then, but its capathành phố lớn be a sandbox that encourages its players to act like cartoon swashbucklers who keep pushing their luông xã to the limits. You might be drinking a friendly grog with another crew at port in one moment, and then daringly firing yourself out a cannon at their ship in the next, so that you can have a duel and steal their cargo. Maybe the other lot are giving chase while you jump overboard, climb up their hull on the other side, & drop their anchor to secure your crew’s getaway.

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That whole experience has been with Sea of Thieves from the start, but each of the không lấy phí updates – & it’s worth emphasising that they’ve all been miễn phí – have added a new danger to lớn watch out for while you’re sailing around. The megalodon. Roving ships helmed by skeleton crews. A whole new islvà chain full of fiery volcanoes and boiling shallows. They’ve sầu all entered the game as limited-time mini-campaigns with quality rewards, before becoming more broadly integrated inlớn the game.

Each new change has added a bit more texture khổng lồ the game, & the most recent update – Shrouded Spoils – focused on making all that nội dung feel much more immediate & important with new rewards, different variations on the skeleton crews, & more types of loot.

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Nothing so far has upended the experience, instead adding variety. Yet even then, variety is still the thing Sea of Thieves is most wanting for. There aren’t any nâng cấp trees, powerful weapons to lớn unlochồng, or major quest lines lớn follow. That can be baffling for some, but there’s a respectable adherence to kiến thiết philosophy behind that: every pirate spends the entire game on even footing.


There’s no escaping the fact that you’re going to lớn be doing exactly the same tasks in your first hour with the game as you will đôi mươi hours later & beyond. Get some treasure, buy some cosmetics, and repeat. Usually, that formula fades inlớn the background as a sort of MacGuffin to lớn push you into lớn cooperation và competition with other players. Sometimes, though, the stars fail lớn align, leaving your session as a dull grind for new junk.

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Sea of Thieves manages to lớn push the pieces inlớn place far more often than not, & dependably manages lớn inspire its players to lớn play along with the pirate magic that keeps everyone engaged. Neither I nor my regular crew play every day, and I suspect that if we tried lớn, the cracks in the hull would become much more readily apparent. Instead, every few weeks one of us blurts out in excitement: “We should pirate this weekend!”. The hours with Sea of Thieves that have sầu resulted over the past year have sầu been aý muốn the most memorable I’ve ever had with a game, similar memories though they may be.

Cheông chồng the system requirements and answer the questions… Can I run Sea of Thieves?

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