Get more out of your closing slide in your business presentations. Use the Thank You page to lớn start a relationship instead of just ending a presentation.

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Does your ‘Thank you slide’ look lượt thích this?


Usually, business presenters don’t give too much thought to lớn their ‘Thank you’ slides. In fact, most closing slides have nothing more than a clichéd picture of a handshake và ‘Thank you’ written in some fancy WordArt.

Even the variations of closing slides are no better:


Usually, these slides stay on screen throughout the Question and Answer session, và bore the audience.

It is time to lớn change:

Realize that a ‘Thank you’ slide need not indicate the over of your presentation, but can signify the beginning of a business relationship. Here are some useful ideas to make your ‘Thank you’ slides work harder for you:

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Idea 1. Create a replica of your visiting card

Take a look at this ‘Thank you’ slide:


Source: Thank You Templates from PowerPoint CEO Pack

A simple way to lớn remain in your audience’s mind long after the presentation is finished, is khổng lồ create a replica of your business thẻ on the screen. When you nội dung your business thẻ with your audience at the end of the presentation, you reinforce the connection even more. Your audience would know how to tương tác you & take the discussion forward.

Idea 2: Include a quick summary

You can use your ‘Thank you’ page khổng lồ quickly summarize the points you discussed during the presentation. For example, take a look at this:


The slide gives one line benefit of the products that were discussed during the presentation. This usually helps your audience lớn remember your message far better than a plain ‘Thank you’.

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Idea 3: Show the next steps

There are so many instances where the presenter had made a strong case during the presentation & forgot lớn include the next steps or just breezed through the slide before the audience could register the message.


So, it is a good idea to have the ‘Next steps’ or ‘How lớn order’ slide as your last slide instead of a boring ‘Thank you’.

If your presentation was strong, this slide usually triggers a lot of useful questions that help you close the deal.

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Idea 4: Bring back the Agenda slide

If you had a long presentation, it is a good idea to bring back the agenda slide as your last slide.

Source: Agenda Templates from PowerPoint CEO Pack

The slide shows the topics that were covered during the presentation và hence provides an opportunity for your audience lớn clear their doubts on the points covered. You can follow this up by distributing a one pager on the salient points covered during your presentation.

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Idea 5: Leave your Company logo on

If it is a corporate presentation, where you represent your company – your Thank You slide can just be a big biểu tượng logo of your organization, with your liên hệ details alongside.

Usually in these cases, your details are in a phông smaller than your company’s logo.

More creative ways lớn represent for business slides:

Every slide you use in your presentation deck has its own significance. Using the right slide can improve the effectiveness of your presentation significantly.

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