Sony Launches 2017 Lineup Of Its 4K Hdr Tvs In India


If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. That seems khổng lồ be Sony’s mantra for its TV range this year.

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That’s because included in its rather extensive 2017 roster is its first 4K OLED set, taking on the likes of LG và Panasonic at their own game.

That’s exciting. OLED’s slinky screens, inky dark blacks và pin-sharp pictures make a good case for the more the merrier as far as we’re concerned.

That’s the big news, then, but Sony’s got a good number of 4K LCD TVs in its locker too, with its flagship ZD9 phối making a triumphant return from năm 2016 to lead 2017’s line up as well.

Whether you’re in the market for OLED or LCD, there is some common ground across the ranges that we’ll clear up now. Firstly, all of 2017’s 4K sets play nice with two of the three main varieties of HDR. That’ll be HDR10 and HLG, with the latter version being the one that the đài truyền hình bbc is behind. Either will give you superbly saturated colours & top-drawer dynamic range.

They also continue their tư vấn for game android TV as their smart platform of choice, which means benefits such as Chromecast and YouView built in from the get go.

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Got all that? Good. Now read on for the lowdown on all of Sony’s 2017 4K TVs.

Sony Bravia A1 OLED


We’re at Sony’s most entry-level 4K HDR phối now, but you really have to lớn pick through the spec sheets to tell it apart from the XE80.

From our digging, it looks like you’ll chiến bại an HDMI port, so there are only three khổng lồ play with, và there’s also no sign of Sony’s Triluminos display for a wider colour gamut.

It’s also rocking a slightly thicker design at 7cm thick (vs 5.7cm on the XE80 and 4cm on the XE93), but looks just as lovely from the front with its slim bezels và an aluminium finish.

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It also comes in a few more screen sizes, & with a few specs shaved off here and there, we’re hopeful that this will come in under £1000 in its smaller sizes (pricing is still TBC).