Diablo 2: The Best Sorceress Builds (In The PC Game), Ranked The Sorceress is a long-time favorite class from Diablo 2 & its many builds may come bachồng in the remaster. But which one is best?

Diablo 2 Sorceress Build Collage Character Model And Game Cover
Anytime someone tries to select a "best" build in Diablo 2, it will always boil down khổng lồ matters of opinion. This is more evident with the Sorceress than any other class as debates will always rage over which element is strongest và how to lớn make the best use of the element in question.

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While this might occasionally come down to a matter of playstyle, there is still something to lớn be said for a handful of builds that have risen above sầu the rest. Whether it"s PvP, PvE, or just plain fun, these are the Sorceress customizations that consistently find themselves ahead of the rest of their competitors.

Diablo 2 Sorceress Melee Build With Weapons
The Sorceress is not designed for melee combat. That doesn"t mean she doesn"t excel at it. It took a community of creative gamers khổng lồ make this build work, but once it got figured out, it quickly became a quirky favorite.

The build doesn"t initially make sense with maximum values needed in Enchant, Energy Shield, and Telekinesis, but each of these has a secondary benefit that translates lớn melee combat. With a solid weapon, you"ll be feeling like a Barbarian in no time.

9 - Blizzball

Diablo 2 Sorceress Casting A Fireball Inlớn A Blizzard
The name sounds lượt thích a premier sports league that goes unceremoniously bankrupt after three seasons, but it is a legitimate build. It"s especially great for players who have problems with enemies that are immune lớn an element.

By slowing demons with Blizzard and then blasting them with Fireball, you"re able to dish out strong damage against slowed targets. And if they"re immune to lớn one element, the other element will finish the job.

8 - Fire Wall

Diablo 2 Sorceress Using Multiple Fire Walls
The Fire Wall is the most versatile of these builds as Warmth and Inferno only boost the damage from the spell by a little bit. Players that want to be a pure pyromaniac are không tính phí khổng lồ vì so while those who want to lớn phối in a little frost will have plenty of leftover points.

Plus, the Fire Wall does fantastic amounts of sustained damage over a wide area. It takes a bit of positioning to make enemies spover their time inside of it, but those who have mastered character location will want lớn consider this build for sure. Fans over-eager for the remaster, however, should watch out for scams. There"s some kind of "firewall" pun here, but let"s avoid it.

Diablo 2 Sorceress With Enchantress Build Freezing A Large Group
For those who don"t really lượt thích the gimmicky nature of the Melee Sorceress build, the Enchantress is here lớn save sầu the day. This build really pays off if you"ve sầu found a great weapon và are sichồng of passing off great offensive sầu pieces to other classes.

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With a little bit of Enchant, Warmth, & Fire Mastery, you can mix fire & go toe-to-toe with any boss in the game. Alternatively, lightning spells will bởi vì less damage but make you a bit tankier with this build, so consider both choices.

6 - Chain Lightning

If groups of elites are becoming a reoccurring point of failure, the Chain Lightning build will fix that in a snap. At one time, the Chain Lightning spell was considered one of the weakest selections in the game.

But the synergy on it is unreal so long as you are willing to lớn put in the levels. Charged Bolt, Lightning, và Nova all contribute to lớn the spell. By the time these are maxed out, combat times are reduced khổng lồ only a few rapid seconds.

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5 - Weatherwoman

Being able lớn rain down attacks from the sky has an extensive sầu các mục of benefits. You get lớn stay safe, you can always counter any resistance, the area of effect hits large clusters, & the damage numbers are eye-popping.

Many consider this build outdated after the concept of synergies, but committed players have shown that this is a myth. You might not be able khổng lồ instantly kill everything, but you can kill everything over time và that"s not something khổng lồ take for granted.

This build is brought khổng lồ you by the Sorceresses who want to lớn play solo on Hell mode but keep running into enemies that counter them. This class is often considered prohibitive sầu for this difficulty setting but not anymore.

Some builds force you to choose whether your Meteor does fire or cold damage. The Meteorb build insists that you use both & therefore always have sầu an apocalyptic ace up your sleeve sầu for any enemy you should encounter.

3 - Blizzard

Of course, a PvPhường. build has khổng lồ enter the race at some point. The Blizzard build is fantastic in PvE as well until you encounter an enemy with a cold immunity, then you"re either going to lớn need another tiệc nhỏ member or a lot of ingenuity lớn progress.

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However, against other players, this is overpowered khổng lồ the point of absurdity. It casts a huge area of frost opponents can"t leave sầu và then you"re miễn phí to pelt them with all kinds of nasty cold spells. This is always a favorite aao ước competitive sầu PvP. enthusiasts.

2 - Fire Ball

What"s the single highest damage number you will ever see in Diablo 2? Well, let"s attempt to lớn answer that question with help from the Fire Ball build. It takes a while khổng lồ get all of the abilities you need, but once you"ve sầu got everything together, basically everything is a one-hit kill.

The glaring weakness is that you have so much stacked into lớn fire spells that anything with an immunity becomes a natural nemesis. But at top levels, you"ll have sầu plenty of points left over for a Blizzard or a Chain Lightning as a fallbaông xã.

1 - Frozen Orb

This build has all of the advantages of the Fire Ball build; huge damage numbers in a spammable spell that obliterates groups of targets & bosses alike. But there is a reason this one gets the edge.

The Frozen Orb applies a slow effect on hits, giving this spell practical applications not only while exploring the world, but also in PvPhường. combat. It"s a build that makes players dedicated to the Sorceress khổng lồ the point where other classes no longer have any perks to offer.

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