IntroductionSoul Fighters (SF) is an quality class where it allows switching of stances namely the Force Master stance và the Kung Fu Stance. Each Stance reveals its own quality set of skills. See a lone mob? Melee in. A group of mobs? Bombard them with raining icicles! SFs are usually lone warriors, capable of solo-ing till cấp độ 50 in PvE since it possesses the best of both worlds; melee & range. 2. PvEPvE for SFs are pretty much about switching stances to and fro between melee and range as mentioned above. The advantage of a SF will be their "Focus". Most of their skills regenerates focus & in fact, it generates about 4 Focus for certain skills! Low on Focus lớn attack? Simply hit the "TAB" button to lớn switch stance & you recover 5 Focus with a cool down of just 5 seconds! Focus will be fully at your disposal so just mash those skills away without worries. When it comes khổng lồ PvE, there are different ways of handling mobs be it single or a pack. My favorite melee attachồng combos consists of;

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Confusing? Basically in word translation it means;- Lightning Fist (Dash khổng lồ enemy)- LMB + RMB (Animation cancel)- Elbow Smash (Counter)- LMB + RMB (Animation cancel)- Leg Sweep (Knoông chồng down enemy)- LMB + RMB (Animation cancel) x2- Ground Ripple (Daze enemy)- Rising Dragon (Throws enemy airborne)- Meteor Strike (Smashes enemy down)#You should definitely use "Iron Shoulder"
whenever the opportunity arises! # Whenever you use "Elbow Smash" be sure khổng lồ continue the skill combo by hitting "1" lớn move to lớn the rear of the enemy!With my preferred bộ combo, I find that I am nearly untouchable. Elbow Smash"s cool down is 3 seconds. A successful counter will render the enemy in a frozen state thus, unable to lớn attaông chồng you if you move sầu lớn its rear. This means you will be freezing the enemy every 3 seconds! My favorite range attaông chồng combos consists of;
Basically the moment you switch stance, you will gain access to your range skills. Range attack is this easy. LMB + RMB will be the animation cancelling, "Displace" skill pushes baông xã enemies who gets too cthua for comfort. But of course, feel free lớn experiment your own style of bộ combo as you see fit. The above sầu combos are currently used by me. You don"t have khổng lồ follow it. 3. Survival SkillsSo what"s gonmãng cầu happen when things gets kind of complicated?
Self-Defense ChiResists damage, status effects from 5 attacks for 5 secCool down of 45 secs

As well as the normal "QQ", "EE", "SS" steps to avoid damage. But lượt thích I"ve sầu mentioned, each stance has its own phối of skills. Catch the hint here?

In Kung Fu stance, you are able lớn use the QQEESS lớn avoid damage

In Force Master stance, you are also able to use QQEESS khổng lồ avoid damage

In short, QQEESS cool downs are NOT shared between stances. You can use all QQEESS in KF stance but when things gets messy you can easily switch to lớn FM stance và use QQEESS immediately.

The difference between KF and FM QQEESS moves are that, in KF mode, you simply move sầu to lớn the rear or the sides of the enemy within melee range. However for the FM mode, you move sầu about 5m away from the target, to lớn the rear or the sides of the enemy.

4. Bossing

When it comes khổng lồ solo-ing a boss you probably won"t break a sweat. Why? Because SFs have killer melee skills meant for PvPhường and Bossing.

Bossing combo;

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+ + + + + + +

- Focus Chi (Unlocks King Fist)

- Lightning Fist (Close up the distance between you và the enemy)

- King Fist (Unlocks Dragon Fist)

- Dragon Fist (Considered to be the most "overpowered" skill và the spotlight of Soul Fighters, capable of dishing out 5,000 damage per hit with a high grade weapon.)

Each cast of Dragon Fist lands 3 blows to lớn the enemy. That is 15,000 damage per cast! But the down side? With great powers comes with great responsibility.

Dragon Fist lasts for only 5 seconds so you will have sầu khổng lồ mash that button continuously. If you get grappled, there goes your bộ combo because Focus Chi has a cool down of 60 seconds.

But if you are clever enough, one will cast Self-Defense Chi before dashing in for the kill.

Last but not least, I shall not touch on PvPhường yet mainly because I have yet khổng lồ reach an acceptable màn chơi và equipment. But I will update this thread accordingly should there be any newfound information worth recording here. If any members require a Clip demonstration of the above sầu mentioned combos, please feel không lấy phí to request.

I hope this little guide will aid the journey of all fellow Soul Fighters of Trinity Order

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