Stickman Soccer 2016 By Djinnworks Gmbh


One of the surprise hits of the Windows Phone gaming world was, for me, Stickman Soccer, with amazingly fluid and fun gameplay, along with a simple freemium Model và just a single IAPhường lớn get rid of ads. I loved this game and it"s been on every Lumia since. And now we have sầu the follow-up, built specifically for Windows 10 sản phẩm điện thoại, laptops &, yes, Continuum, with extra modes and capabilities. It"s ultimately best by far on the phone, of course, this is a touch-screen masterpiece.

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First of all, and borrowing heavily from my nhận xét of the original Stickman Soccer, two years ago under Windows Phone 8:

My usual confession before reviewing football games is that I"m not really into lớn football - I mean, I take a casual interest in world cấp độ games & kiông chồng a ball around in the park, but I"m not a super-fan. And yet Stickman Soccer is.... fantastic, it"s perfect. It"s utterly believable in the way players move & slide và shoot... The best football game ever on mobile? This has lớn be a contender. Heck, it"s a contender for the bestgame, full stop...

If all that sounds lượt thích high praise then you only have sầu to grab Stickman Soccer to see what I mean. It"s a không tính phí download và the only in-phầm mềm purchase is a measly pound/dollar khổng lồ remove sầu the ads - something which I felt very happy to lớn pay after only 15 minutes play. In fact, the generosity of the developers only serves to lớn increase my positive sầu impression towards the game.

It"s at this point that you look at the screenshots & start lớn wonder why I"m rating this game so highly - after all, the graphics don"t seem state of the art & the players aren"t that much more than the eponymous "sticks". The secret is in the UI and AI. That"s the user interface in terms of controlling your players & the artificial intelligence of all the players on both sides.

The first is worth going into in detail - the developers have rethought the interface to work beautifully with touch on a phone - you use the virtual joystick to indicate a direction for the currently selected player khổng lồ start running in, & you tap the "pass" control to lớn pass the ball khổng lồ the nearest player in that approximate direction. And, when near a goal, "shoot" obviously takes a shot in the (automatic) direction of the open goalposts.

Given the fluidity of movement of all the players, this control scheme works wonderfully well. As you work your way into lớn your opponent"s half and pass from player to player until you"re within striking distance of the goal, you"ll build up a huge amount of satisfaction. And if you vị hit the bachồng of the net, past the opponent goalkeeper AI, then it"s GOOAAALLLL!! And so on.

All the elements that made the original so great are here và polished up, with higher resolution graphics (which look terrific on a high resolution máy tính xách tay or Continuum display), more modes, more tournaments, a penalty shootout system - & a no-nonsense "just buy it" purchase price (£1.50, I think, in the UK). The only downside is that it uses more RAM & more horsepower for all this - trying to run the năm 2016 version on an older Win-10-upgraded Lumia 10đôi mươi (I know, I know...) proved lớn be impossible - the game would just crash and I"m sure RAM was the culprit. Install this on, for example, a Lumia 950 or 950 XL though và it"s a beautiful & smooth gaming experience.

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The stickmen have sầu just enough motion & movement lớn seem "real", though obviously they"re cartoony in the same way as characters are on a Nintenbởi Wii.


The range of modes has been expanded enormously since the original title. Most of the time I was in "Quick game", which picks teams for you & just thrusts you inlớn the action, but someone with more time và football passion will want lớn pick a championship, league or season more carefully!


The gameplay"s the same as before, with a left-h&, right-hand coordination needed that"s not trivial, but quiông xã to piông chồng up....


This time around there are three visual quality settings to lớn play with - the Lumia 950 was fine on the highest, ditkhổng lồ Continuum...


We now have two playing modes (stichồng lớn manual, automatic is far too frustrating in terms of (not) having an influence in what"s going on!), four difficulty settings (you"ll get obliterated in "pro" mode, so stay away?) và four match lengths in minutes. As with the original game, the full "90 mins" are played, but with time speeded up while the ball"s in play, a sensible nod towards playbility on sản phẩm điện thoại.


It"s fast, it"s smooth, it"s Stickman Soccer và the gameplay is as enjoyable - and challenging - as the original... Just two actions while you have possession & two actions when the opposition have possession. Which equates khổng lồ a perfect balance of complexity/simplicity. Here I"m in France năm 2016, trying to take Englvà through và... doing as badly as the real team! Oh well...

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There"s a penalty mode that you can go straight to lớn, if you fancy some penalty practice/fun. It"s OK, but not a patch on the proper "over to lớn end" football....


Basic replays let you play bachồng any section of the game (with fast "timeline scrubbing" to get to lớn the bit you want), though only from the one fixed camera angle - maybe arty, TV-style goalmouth camera replays will be in the next version?


The stats collected in each game are impressive - how on earth did my Englvà boys have 52% posession và yet chiến bại 5-1? Who was controlling them? Oh wait....(!)


After a goal, the players gather & join in a choreographed victory dance. Yeah, ok, another Slovakian goal & a lot of despondent Englvà players....!

The teams are all here for a recreation of a number of leagues around the world, including the UK Premier league, plus the chance to take an international team of stickmen through to the final of France năm 2016. Maybe you can appease your real time"s abysmal performance with your own attempt at success?

I mentioned that this was built for Windows 10 and Continuum, so I had to give sầu the game a try hooked up through a Display Doông xã. However, it"s impossible to lớn play it properly with just a mouse or the trackpad-emulation built into Continuum (as you might imagine), so I had lớn resort lớn a Bluetooth keyboard, wherein I found that the keyboard cursor keys were just about adequate, paired with "." và "," lớn handle the two action buttons in each mode:


You"d think that the crisp graphics và large screen would be a great combination, but you have lớn think about game control. What"s needed here really is a Công nghệ Bluetooth gaming controller. I"m sure keen gamers will already own one - but I had to make do! (The keyboard shown above sầu is the Zagg one, by the way.)

There"s even a "Party mode" built inkhổng lồ Stickman Soccer năm 2016, with support for 4 person multi-player, but this obviously doesn"t apply lớn the phone version - on a PC you"d be able to lớn hook up multiple game controllers via USB and Bluetooth. Still, worth noting - plus as a UWPhường., once you"ve sầu bought it on di động then you own it already on PC và vice versa!

Overall though, there"s just so much love poured inlớn Stickman Soccer by the developers - you can tell that they"ve play tested it to within an inch of its life. I still found that the game missed the odd screen tap, even on a Lumia 950 (shown above), so there are still tweaks lớn be made to this new UWP. game. But it"s looking very promising indeed and is my "go to" action game when I"m bored with International Snooker Pro(!)