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In Gangstar Vegas - mafia game for Android you"ll have sầu to lớn fight for your survival becoming an important gangster in Las Vegas throughout 80 missions


The Grand Theft Auto lớn saga created by Rockstar Games, also known as GTA, has phối the foundations for plenty of other titles. Thanks to lớn the latter, we have been able lớn enjoy other stunning action-packed games with a similar gameplay: as you can imagine, action video clip games in an open world in which we can interact with almost anything & different missions to be completed in parallel khổng lồ the main plot.

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The video clip game development studio Gameloft launched its own franchise under the name of Gangstar, taking us to lớn different cities. One of them takes us khổng lồ Sin City in Gangstar Vegas - mafia game.

Make yourself a name in the world of organized crime

You"re going lớn control a character whose ambition was to become a martial arts champions but all of a sudden gets involved in the world of street gangs và organized crime associated with casinos. So, now you"re a gangster that has to lớn embark on 80 missions lớn fight, take part in car races, crimes, shooting, and any other felony that could take place in Las Vegas, the city of gambling par excellence.

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Feature in a meteoric ascent that will take from being a martial arts flop lớn an organized crime boss.

In this action game for Android with plenty of sandbox elements similar lớn GTA, you"ll come across features and functions such as the following:

80 missions lớn be completed with different purposes.Build & organize criminal clans to lớn help you reach your goals.Scenario 9 times larger than the previous version of Gangstar.Improve sầu your gangster reputation by completing challenges.Different game modes such as Story, Carnage, và Heist.Earn money gambling at the casino.Equip yourself with all sorts of weapons such as Molotov cocktails, sniper rifles, flamethrowers, & other extravagant items such as electric guitars.Drive all sorts of vehicles: all-terrain cars, sports cars, tanks, planes...Improve your skills và enhance your heists by practicing your ayên ổn và driving better.Customize your player & the rest of your team with different items & outfits.Face up to lớn all sorts of enemies including zombies, robots, clans from hell...

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A story mode that will get you glued to the screen

It"s a third-person shooter game in which you"ll be chased by gangs that have given your neông chồng a price tag after taking part in a fixed mixed martial arts combat that goes wrong. You"ve just become the most wanted man around town.

We invite you to lớn take a look at any of the gameplay videos that you can find on YouTube as well as the guides and cheats available khổng lồ get endless money, as well as other tips and tricks that will make the game easier... A perfect game for all those fans of FPS, racing games, or zombie titles. If that"s your case, what are you waiting for to tải về its APK?

What"s new in the lakiểm tra version

New battle pass.We can unloông chồng new alien characters.

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