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. Specifically:finding a UROP for the summer (I"ll be working in the Lang Lab ... During CPWwriting a live-action roleplaying game for the Assassins

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rendition of Auld Lang Syne. And then the whole theater had linked arms & ... People in watching the broadcast of another rendition of Auld Lang Syne ... & Gaming Festival! No wonder.I congratulated the guy on his cat

"t quite describe. I feel like i"ve been in LA forever, but i also feel lượt thích ... A friend who"s an LA native about this feeling & he said that it"s because time doesn"t really pass in LA - every day looks exactly the same

Caine is a 9 year old boy from East LA. His dad, George, runs a used ... Making arcade games out of cardboard. He made claw games và soccer games & all sorts of different games, rummaging for raw materials in the

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na lang umuulan (it"s always raining)Ambon. The Philippine ... Pana-panahon lang or weder-weder lang. The refrain is a common response ... . This is in some sense the ultimate subversion of pana-panahon lang. A

Macchia Loophole.It is that same David LaMacchia that wrote about the game ... Lượt thích many of you, I have been playing Wordle, a game where you try to lớn ... Is that it reminds me of a game that I’ve played a non-zero amount
from the lemon grove in nearby Cannes.La vie en bowls. (For those who ... Beginning, và they got smushed =( Ah, c"est la vie.The outdoor terrace, where mes amis mingled until our feast was ready. We played this "game" in
Finalists from the LA region were interviewed in half-hour slots that we ... Wandered around downtown LA for a while looking for food (a very common theme in my life. The food, not the LA) and then went back lớn the hotel lobby
after you run because the LA air is dry & you"ll wake up the next ... .there are very few women in the game industry và this is still a huge ... Somewhere that"s not boston. I want to get out of in LA

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ibang tao; pinakita ko lang sa’yo kung sino talaga ako.Ang inakala kong ... Nandito ang butas, at hindi ko lang napansin dahil pilit mong mỏi tinakpan.Ako ... Walang tunay na magmamahal sa akin, at siguro sinabi mo lang ’to dahil mali