Monument Valley APK 2.7.16 (29 MB)

Monument Valley APK + Mod 2.7.16 (29 MB) Full Game/Levels

Monument Valley OBB 2.7.16 (192 MB)

Monument Valley APK 2.7.12 (27 MB)

Monument Valley APK + Mod 2.7.12 (27 MB) Full Game

Monument Valley APK + Mod <2> 2.7.12 (27 MB) Full Game/Levels

Monument Valley OBB 2.7.12 (210 MB)

OBB installation location -> /sdcard/Android/obb/com.ustwo.monumentvalley/main.2000712056.com.ustwo.monumentvalley.obb


Monument Valley Description

The name "Monument Valley" is a bit of a artistic taste. xuất hiện the small fresh style of the game & bring out the beautiful scenery of the bright spring day. With the exquisite & beautiful words, it is no longer enough khổng lồ describe the beauty of the picture. Huan of exotic buildings, clean lines clean lines, bright và fresh colors, showing a people no matter how high visual comfort screen, it is no wonder developers have sầu the confidence khổng lồ allow players lớn phối in the game at any time khổng lồ take a screenshot , Because just select any moment of the game screen, can be used as a Mobile wallpaper to use.

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Not only the picture, but also the outstanding performance of "Monument Valley", elegant ethereal background music, raucous crow tweet, remote crisp bells, choppy waves, metal crashes made by organs, etc. Complete audio-visual enjoyment, be sure lớn bring headphones to integrate into lớn another parallel time & space.

Initially amazed at the "Monument Valley" picture, however, the puzzle game once again brought me a surprise. Speaking of play, I first have sầu to lớn mention one person: Escher, a celebrated 20th-century Dutch master of scientific thinking that mentions that printmaking may not be familiar to many, but believes the three-dimensional illusion of the plane does not Few people should have sầu seen it wonderful. Escher is lượt thích a magician who puts planes of mosaic, impossible structures, paradoxes, loops, etc., seemingly incompatible or objects that vày not seem to exist in the same space.

"Monument Valley" is a good set of physics, mathematics, psychology, súc tích and other disciplines together, but did not give the player too high threshold, there is no professional knowledge of the discipline, many times players only need to follow the established route You can go linearly, but the journey is not always easy, sometimes you can not figure out the solution, but for a work of art, the extra words or props are slightly vulgar, so the best way Is immersed in the game, slowly explore the hidden mystery.

The game has three comtháng organs hình ảnh sản phẩm, one is the protruding blocks on the ground, the protagonist stepped on will trigger organs, there is a similar sailing rudder disc, through a variety of rotation can trigger the rotation of some organs, but when When the princess stepped on, the organs would fail. Therefore, in order to lớn get another action, the third type is a little octopus-shaped briông xã with round holes. They are all slidable. Generally speaking, the picture & charm of the game building itself More than the fun of solving the puzzle, it is like carrying out a magnificent journey through time & space.

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Now bachồng to lớn the story of the game itself, the silent princess continued to move forward under heavy night, no one knows where her destination, until met a gray-haired old man: Princess, how far have sầu you been wandering? "(Have sầu to lớn translate also poetic translation of the otherwise beautiful mood) We began to lớn underst& the princess"s life slowly: Know Princess Ada fear of the crow, she has a" Totem "good friover, she can sometimes walk on the wall và so on, until the over we only underst& the truth of the whole story, not spoiler, but the game with a simple statement of a complete description of a deep & attractive sầu Powerful story.

The most impressed by the Monument Valley game is the use of space illusion for the main character of paving the way, the player lớn explore the building (maze) path, you can go lớn the kết thúc clearance. Players need to lớn find and use agencies, rotating buildings, moving people, the use of NPC. This element of mutual cooperation, in order lớn find the path.-6struyenky.vn

Different types of games require different rhythms, Parkour class games bring the player a sense of movement và speed. Explore games lớn allow players to lớn stop và slowly explore. Animated transitions as smooth as possible to lớn avoid blunt jump, the player immersion experience will follow without interruption.

Monument Valley is more like a man in a small box in general, vì chưng not untie the cube will not let out more depressed, there is no feeling of relaxed and happy, but the style is very elegant và meticulous, this is very good.

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The Monument Valley level is a little but fun to lớn play. The game uses a lot of visual illusions, as well as some space-related elements, superb kiến thiết, và the details are particularly good, the music is not bad, is simply a work of art.