Start growing a worm right now. Trying to get a real anaconda, a small worm never gets stuck in one place - he is ready lớn bite everyone.

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However, there is a danger of being eaten by a more successful player.



The 6struyenky.vn are real gourmets. They love trying various gelatinous goodies & everything they meet on their route.

There are so many yummies around, that it seems the Worm lives in the arena full of yummy eatings.

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You can choose a ready-made skin from a huge phối of ready-made skins or even create your own.

And also you can customize his face.

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Play every day, mix records & participate in the daily and weekly ranking of the best players around the world.

Various power-ups are scattered on the gaming arena, which temporarily change the characteristics of your worm.

I love this trò chơi because of the cute little food & the 6struyenky.vn they are so little and then suddenly thay are huge because they eat the food and I lượt thích that if a worm dies they make it big food instead of showing the dead body toàn thân I 100 present recommend this trò chơi to you it's a lot of fun l played it a hundred times. Trust me it's a lot of fun!
Nice game, even you just compete with AI (the AI here is sure 'trying khổng lồ make you die'). You can play it offline, have experience point, và customizeable worm (need more cosmetics). Overall is pretty fun.
I AM OBSESED!!!!! WITH THIS GAME! It is so fun the only problem is its soooooooooo hard lớn get coins wich coins are a big deal in the game, but over all it is so fun and i would defidently recomend it!