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Download GTA 4 MOBILE Edition APK completely free at You can tải về the APK tệp tin via the link below the article và install it on your Android device.

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Table of contentsIntroduce about GTA 4 MOBILE Edition

Introduce about GTA 4 MOBILE Edition

Rockstar Games once again demonstrated its ability to lớn dominate the điện thoại gaming market with the launch of GTA 4 MOBILE Edition APK. Participate in this game, players have the opportunity lớn become one of the most notorious gangsters in Liberty City. Through a series of top-notch action, players must go through countless challenges to build a reputation and realizing the dream of dominating the underworld.


After years of sailing on the Platypus, Niko Bellić returned to lớn Liberty City with his cousin Roman khổng lồ pursue the dream of freedom. But Niko’s life did not go smoothly as planned. He discovered the traitor of 15 years ago, the guy that cheated hlặng lớn get his teammates killed. At the same time, he must confront Roman with the gang of creditors when Roman is losing millions of dollars.


During his time working for Vlad Glebov, Niko sold weapons và became acquainted with new contacts. But soon after discovering that his trùm had an illicit relationship with his cousin, Niko killed hlặng. Mikhail Faustin, the Russian mafia boss after learning that he had kidnapped both Niko & Roman to lớn hire them to lớn perform an assassination. From here on, Niko’s new life & journeys really begin!


I have sầu introduced lớn its overall storyline, the game will also provide an introductory đoạn phim about the opening context for you khổng lồ underst& what is happening at Liberty. But, GTA 4 MOBILE Edition is designed with open play, so you can play freely without having to follow the script built before.

However, I think the script also has a lot of interesting things. You have the opportunity lớn discover stories about each piece of Niko life, about the ups và downs he encountered on Liberty’s journey lớn explore the underworld. Roman too, he also faces dangerous things, but with your help và Niko, everything will be fine soon!


Missions not only open up new encounters with underworld bosses, but they also provide you with bonuses & new weapons. As you know, a gangster is nothing if he doesn’t have a weapon. Vlad Glebov & Little Jacob’s juniors will soon use guns or knives khổng lồ finish Niko whenever he intends khổng lồ fight baông chồng.

As the story develops, it is also time for more dramatic and action-packed moments. New characters appear and need Niko to help. Sometimes, it pushes hlặng into lớn extremely difficult choices lượt thích killing one of the two in front of hlặng. And to my knowledge, Vlad Glebov – the arms trade magnate was the first to be killed. After that, the consequences will come and you need khổng lồ be with Niko lớn keep his life safe.

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As for the controls, the action buttons are located on the two corners of the screen. When you running, you can punch, kiông chồng, pichồng up melee weapons or use a gun khổng lồ attachồng someone. When stepping on a car or motorbike, a driver’s console will appear. This is lượt thích you are participating in a real racing game, taking place right outside the street with other players as gangsters và the police trying lớn hunt down criminals.


Of course, Liberty is a đô thị of criminals but it still has laws. When you vày something wrong, like attacking a passerby or robbing a car, your crime cấp độ will increase. It is displayed in the top right corner of the screen. The police force relies on this information to traông xã you down. Initially, they only included a few cars, but when your wanted màn chơi increased, they will bring a helicopter và a large number of police in the đô thị.


As you can see, GTA 4 MOBILE Edition has a graphics platkhung that is not as attractive as modern 3 chiều role-playing games like now. It’s a bit classic, like the style of the console version release 12 years ago.

With the context of the 90s, Rockstar Games recreated a part of Western society in a real way. You can easily recognize how dressed of the characters, vehicles và houses in this game.


On the other hvà, this game works smoothly on Android sản phẩm điện thoại devices, including devices with average configuration.

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Download GTA 4 MOBILE Edition APK for Android

You are getting the chance khổng lồ experience GTA 4 MOBILE Edition, one of the most blockbuster games of all time, the game that broke the sales record of a game. Discover the great storyline of the game, take part in missions in the underworld & conquer Liberty City or any đô thị you visit.

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