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Nintendo’s first Mobile game, Super Mario Run, was enormously popular — but that doesn’t mean it was a success for the company. During its most recent earnings report, Nintenvày revealed that Mario Run has been downloaded 200 million times, 90 percent of which came from outside of nhật bản. However, Nintenvị says that despite these big numbers, the game has “not yet reached an acceptable profit point.” While Nintendo didn’t reveal any specifics with regards to conversion rates, a big sticking point for many with Super Mario Run was its comparatively large price point; it’s không tính tiền to download, but requires a one-time fee of $9.99 to lớn unloông chồng the whole game.

In contrast, Fire Emblem Heroes — which utilizes a more typical free-to-play structure, with plentiful microtransactions — has been a much more lucrative title for Nintenbởi. The company didn’t release specific numbers for the game, but says that Heroes’ success has largely been due lớn its continual updates since the game debuted in February. “For this title, we listened lớn the voices of our consumers và provided continual updates,” Nintendo says. “As a result, we are on track lớn meet our overall business objectives, including our profit objectives.”

Nintenvày is looking to lớn continue this success with the release of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on mobile next month. Like Heroes, the game will utilize a more standard free-to-play structure, with in-ứng dụng purchases that can be used lớn purchase consumable items & tốc độ up certain in-game actions. “Our objective is lớn offer a service that allows even consumers who bởi vì not normally play games on a regular basis lớn have sầu a little fun each and every day,” Nintenvày says of the upcoming game.

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As for Mario Run, while the game may not have sầu been as profitable as Nintenvì chưng hoped, it has proven khổng lồ be successful in other ways. It introduced the series khổng lồ markets where Nintenbởi previously had no presence, & it appears to have sầu had a positive impact on the just-released Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintenvày Switch — Nintenbởi vì says the console game has sold two million copies in its first three days of availability. It’s a similar phenomenon seen with Pokémon Go, which created an increased awareness that led khổng lồ a big sales boost for the series on the Nintenvì 3DS.

And, while the company didn’t detail any specifics, it sounds like there could be some notable updates & improvements coming to Super Mario Run at some point. “Our alặng is for this application khổng lồ be the definitive Mario application for smart devices,” the company says. “We have learned a lot in terms of game development & deployment that we want to lớn take advantage of moving forward.”

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