We all can agree that TinyUmbrella is one of the most powerful tools khổng lồ get the application for jailbreaking the device và downgrading the software version. So, today, we will learn how to tải về TinyUmbrella & use it. Let’s begin now.

What is TinyUmbrella?

Before you tải về TinyUmbrella, it is important that you know what it is. It is a tool that is often used for downloading Cydia phầm mềm, fixing the devices stuck in Recovery mode, fixing iTunes errors, và much more.


Where lớn Download TinyUmbrella Windows và Mac lademo version?

TinyUmbrella is available in two versions, both for both Windows and Mac OS. And you can tải về it on your system easily. For both the systems, the minimum requirement for TinyUmbrella tải về is an up to lớn date version of Java.

For TinyUmbrella download for Windows, use the link below:

For TinyUmbrella download on Mac, use the link- Mac App. Once you get the phầm mềm installed on your system, you can use it right away. The application works in a very straightforward way. When you update your device, a small piece of information is saved on it. This data is known as SHSH blob, & it contains information related khổng lồ the firmware và the specific devices.

TinyUmbrella can access this file và save sầu these SHSH blobs in an external tệp tin. If you are wondering why this tool is used, then you need lớn know that Apple devices only keep the SHSH blobs for a week. After that, the files are deleted from the system that prevents the users from downgrading the system. Hence, TinyUmbrella is needed khổng lồ extract those files & save them so that users can downgrade the iOS version as wanted.

TinyUmbrella Main Features

Now that we know how khổng lồ download TinyUmbrella, it is time to lớn explore its main features. The key highlights of this tool are:

1: Fix iOS Recovery Mode Stuck

With the help of TinyUmbrella, it will be easy for you khổng lồ get out of the recovery mode. This tool ensures that you don’t have sầu to lớn restore your device and risk loses every piece of data on the device.

2: Save SHSH Blobs

There is no other reliable tool available in the market that will allow the users to save the SHSH blobs.

3: Downgrade iOS

There is a number of reasons why you would like khổng lồ downgrade the iOS version of your device. Whatever the reason is, TinyUmbrella is the tool that will help you khổng lồ downgrade the software easily.

This tool is compatible with you through iOS 7 and iOS 12 with all Apple devices. It is easier to navigate and entirely miễn phí. That’s why; Apple users prefer using this tool for downgrading, fixing iTunes errors, và getting your iPhone out of recovery mode.

Note: If you are running iOS 14 beta version & would lượt thích khổng lồ downgrade to official iOS, there are several methods khổng lồ remove iOS beta. Learn more How to Remove Beta iOS 14/iPadOS 14.

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TinyUmbrella Not Working- Use Umbrella Alternative sầu tool iOS System Repair

Usually, people find it easy to learn how lớn download & use TinyUmbrella. However, the conditions are not the same for everyone. There are many users who experience that TinyUmbrella is not working as expected & having trouble using it. Sometimes, it displays a message “TinyUmbrella.ứng dụng is Damaged,” và other times it crashes. Therefore, it will be better if you choose an alternative which is way more effective và efficient in fixing iPhone related issues. Luckily, we have iOS System Repair tool for this purpose.

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BUY NOWBUY NOWThis software has several advantages over downloading TinyUmbrella, which are mentioned below:

6struyenky.vn iOS System Repair has a one-clichồng method khổng lồ put iOS devices in recovery mode và exit it. This tool is capable of resolving more than 50 different kinds of software related issues on iOS devices such as stuchồng at Apple biệu tượng công ty, iTunes biệu tượng công ty, DFU mode, black screen, white screen, etc. One of the best features of using this tool is that it keeps the data intact, even after repair. Users can even persize a factory remix with the help of this repair tool.

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If you ever get stuông chồng due to lớn such issues on iPhone or máy tính bảng ipad, then you can tải về the software from the official site. Here’s how you can repair the iOS software using 6struyenky.vn iOS System Repair tool.


1. Run the program và connect your device with it. Select the iOS System Repair feature và cliông chồng the Start button lớn fix all iOS-related issues

2. This iOS repair tool offers two repair modes: Standard Repair & Deep Repair. You can choose the proper mode depending on whether you"d lượt thích khổng lồ keep your data intact.

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3. The software will provide you a firmware suitable for your device. Download the tệp tin & let the software verify it as well.

4. Finally, hit the Start Standard Repair button & allow the software khổng lồ initiate the repair process. It will only take a while to repair the system, & you will have a system performing better than before.

As we mentioned earlier, one of the best things about 6struyenky.vn iOS System Repair tool is that it keeps the device data intact while repairing the software. So, you never have sầu khổng lồ worry about losing data when there is an issue to lớn resolve.

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The Last Words

From all the information we have about TinyUmbrella tải về, its use, & its alternative sầu, we can conclude that 6struyenky.vn iOS System Repair is a better choice. So, from now on, whenever you face trouble with your iPhone while you are downgrading, updating, or restoring the device, there is a solution that is 100% safe for use.