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The world needs you! Unleash your inner hero on Tap Titans 1. This is the game that started it all before Tap Titans 3 or Tap Titans 2. In this game, you’ll save sầu the world from terrible monsters and titans that are wreaking havoc in their wake. Just tap lớn slay your enemies, & tap to lớn sumtháng more warriors & heroes. They will help you complete your mission lớn save sầu the world! Fight và become a world-class anh hùng in this action role-playing game.

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Join more players through tournaments & friendly battles to double the fun! Develop your own battle strategies and explore a vast world that is full of mystery & adventure. Don’t forget lớn collect artifacts, resources, & other items that can help your character. Do this by improving their weapons & skills on the battlefield. Are you looking for Tap Titans 2 guide, Tap Titans 2 wiki, or even Tap Titans 2 update? Then you can get more tips by reading our không tính tiền gameplay guide of Tap Titans here.

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Tap Titans trò chơi Features:

Get Straight Inkhổng lồ kích hoạt và Kill Monster Enemies

Similar to Tap Titans 3, in this version players are sent straight inlớn battle. After naming your character, you will immediately face a wave sầu of quái vật enemies. And they can only be killed once you hit them with your sword! Kill your enemies fast và collect coins or rare artifacts as you progress along in the game. Tap to lớn kill, tap lớn tăng cấp, and tap to collect. You will enjoy hours of pure action-adventure fun in the Tap Titan game!


Reserve Treasure Chest Boosts For quái nhân Fights

Whenever you find a little fairy hovering above you during a battle, this means that your treasure chest has arrived! Treasure chests contain free items and resources. Such as gold coins, gems, và even extra power boosts. If it does contain power-ups or boosts, it can greatly help you during difficult trùm fights.

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So if you see a fairy hovering around, & a boss fight is coming up. Hold it off to make sure its boosting effects can still damage the trùm. But if the boss cấp độ is still far away, just tap on the chest to lớn redeem it. The fairy won’t be staying too long, and will actually fly away if you don’t redeem it.

Get started on an endless killing spree in Tap Titans, so get the không tính tiền tải về now! Chechồng out its notable difference with Tap Titans 2 and Tap Titans 3. Head on over to lớn our Role-Playing page for more that’ll quench your thirst for adventures, such as Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes & MapleStory M!

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