Thăng Fly Comics By Thang Fly Comics, Thăng Fly Vẽ Yêu Thương Từ Đời Thường Mùa Dịch

( -Shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in Ho đưa ra Minh đô thị early May, semi-realistic paintings from the Facebook page Thang Fly Comics started khổng lồ circulate all over the Internet. Vietnamese netizens were touched by his paintings of humble yet noble acts that spread love và positivity. Each of his posts garnered some tens of thousands of likes & the page is followed by 1.4 million fans.

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The mastermind behind Thang Fly Comics is Ho bỏ ra Minh City-based young painter Bui Dinh Thang. He is passionate about art that combines real-life drawings and detailed styles often found in Japanese anime.

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Thang used lớn get out on the streets lớn capture the daily activities of city dwellers. But the rise of the coronavirus in Ho đưa ra Minh đô thị put all the projects Thang was doing on hold. That didn’t mean he quitted drawing đô thị life, though. The pandemic turned out to lớn be a great source of inspiration & fame for Thang from its very first wave when people starved for stories of love & sharing to keep the negativity at bay.

Thang said,“Before the pandemic hit, I drew every small piece of this city, such as a street vendor selling fish noodles or a mechanic on the sidewalk. When the situation worsened, everyone in this thành phố changed khổng lồ fighting mode. So it seemed reasonable khổng lồ me to lớn create content about this pandemic.”

Painter Bui Dang Thang owns the page Thang Fly Comics. (Photo:

Back in early last July, when Thang started to work on COVID-19 effects, he was inspired by the news on social media. The more his paintings went viral, more people reached out to him via his fanpage facebook to tell their own stories and send their own pictures, which gave Thang more ideas for his artwork.

Thang often stays up really late to reply khổng lồ his followers who leave their comments, messages, & sometimes audio recordings on his social account on Facebook & also Instagram. He wakes up in the morning khổng lồ script out the narration, frame the layout, and draw on his tablet. Thang often posts his drawings at noon. But he doesn’t draw on the tablet all the time.

Thang said,“Sometimes I use acrylic paint on canvas. One of these canvas paintings about monks & nuns doing charity work was auctioned khổng lồ raise funds for the No.6 Field Hospital in Ho bỏ ra Minh City.”

Thang"s canvas painting raises fund forthe No.6 Field Hospital in Ho chi Minh City. (Photo: Thang Fly Comics)

Thang cannot count the number of paintings he has made nor choose the most memorable story because, to him, each story is memorable in its own way. Among his most interactive paintings, Thang likes “Happens khổng lồ the Heart” which has earned over 100,000 likes.

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Thang told VOV,“My painting ‘Happens khổng lồ the Heart’ depicts Catholic followers & Cao dẻo practitioners donating food khổng lồ underprivileged people. Each religious body toàn thân has its own charitable program. Their acts are sure lớn tug our heartstrings. Regardless of different faith, they choose khổng lồ stand together khổng lồ offer a helping hand. I am greatly impressed by a bình luận on this post which is a photo of a Catholic nun wearing protective gear & praying khổng lồ a statue of Jesus before serving as a voluntary caregiver for COVID-19 patients on the frontlines.”

(Photo: Thang Fly Comics)

Thang’s diary of the pandemic has grasped a huge interest from the audience. Designer Nguyen Nguyen feels the losses people around her are suffering. In just a short period of time, the thành phố that never slept was made into a deserted town. Nguyen could hear the ambulance sirens from outside during the day & then quietness after 6pm during the stringent lockdown. Nguyen then decided khổng lồ read only positive news lớn lift up her mood. One day she stumbled on Thang Fly Comics where she found exactly what she needed. Nguyen said,“Although I stayed home, I knew all the doctors & soldiers out there were putting forth all efforts round the clock to save lives. Then why don’t we, who are still healthy in our own houses, refrain from panic & keep our faith in those frontliners? The post on Thang Fly Comics that I love the most is called ‘Shopping’ or ‘Di cho’. Embracing Vietnam’s folk identity, the drawing features the soldiers helping local people with shopping. Just minutes of human-to-human interactions livened up a whole forlorn residential area. I believe the positivity will fuel our morale lớn surmount the pandemic.”

(Photo: Thang Fly Comics)

Loc Dong, a college lecturer in Ho đưa ra Minh City, is most impressed by Thang’s drawings of the doctors and nurses fighting on the frontlines. Dong said,“It’s not an exaggeration to điện thoại tư vấn them heroes. I am touched by a drawing of young volunteers shivering in the cold and heavy showers of Ho bỏ ra Minh đô thị on a pickup truck carrying them back from hospitals after a long, tired working day. How hard-broken it is khổng lồ see such scene! I hope my city will soon recover, they can reunite with their loved ones and get some rest for real. I’m so grateful for their devotion.”

(Photo: Thang Fly Comics)

To Nguyen, a college student who is stuck in Ho chi Minh thành phố because of travel restrictions, is touched and, at the same time, motivated by Thang Fly Comics which highlights good deeds every day around us. Nguyen told VOV,“‘A Thousand Words’ is my favorite drawing from Thang Fly Comics. I’m not a frontline worker lượt thích the protagonist in this drawing, but just lượt thích her, I get phone calls from my parents every single day asking me whether I am safe, I have enough food, or have run short of anything. I love and miss my parents a lot. Also I’m sincerely thankful for those who risk their lives khổng lồ save others.”

(Photo: Thang Fly Comics)

Thang Fly Comics is not always admired by everyone. The painter faces online backlash sometimes, which hurts him, but he considers it inevitable lớn his online presence. Thang said he will keep doing this as long as his supporters outnumber his haters. Just as we are lulled back to normalcy, Thang plans to join a center offering assistance for the handicapped in organizing an exhibition in Hanoi to lớn raise funds for the needy.