The world & its wife fell in love sầu with The End of the F***ing World"s first season.

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That, according to Charlie Covell, who adapted it for the screen from Charles Forsman"s graphic novel of the same name, stems from one key factor.

"I can"t take credit for Alyssa and James" popularity as they"re Chuck"s creation," she told The i. "There"s something about the disparity between the image they project and who they actually are that makes them recognisable to the audience – we can see them as two very damaged teenagers who just want to connect and we identify with that.

"I feel it especially with Alyssa. I wish I had been that ballsy and headstrong và had the ability to be rude and not care."


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But despite its staggering success, some viewers felt that the series shouldn"t return for round two.

There is always scope for continuation – stories may stop, but they don"t have khổng lồ end – và while the first chapter could easily have remained as a standalone, the decision was made to bring it baông xã.

"In all truth, we just thought about it as a single thing," writer Charlie Covell told Digital Spy. "Obviously, we always think about how you continue something, but I think the way we talked about the second season is: if the first season is about running away, then the second season is about coming baông chồng & having to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with stuff.


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"So it"s that transition from being a teenager inkhổng lồ kind of adulthood. It sounds a bit pretentious, but I think it"s more lượt thích a response to lớn what happens in season one, rather than it just being another season where they kind of bởi vì crazy shit. Because I feel if you just reset characters và let them vì the same thing again – I don"t think that"s right for the story."

She added: "At some point, you"re like, "F**k, I"ve sầu got lớn go home. I"ve got to lớn sort my life out. I can"t keep running".

"Obviously an ending is an ending. If you over it at a wedding, that"s the over – but then there"s obviously after the wedding, the divorce, the children, whatever. You"ve got all those possibilities.

"I think an end is where you just stop a story. If you continue it on, then that ending becomes the beginning of something else."

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Alex Lawther (James), whose involvement was kept secret until the kết thúc of episode two, also felt that season two was a necessity.

"Season one is almost like a big question in itself," he told Digital Spy. "And as soon as Charlie said we"re going to lớn look into the fallout of season one and the consequences of what are highly traumatic events in these young people"s lives... Yeah, that all made sense.

"So it was about answering that particular question of: what happens next? When all of these things happen, what are you left with?"

Chatting lớn NME about the moment he was told that he"d be needed for season two, Lawther said: "I was worried that James would be a ghost or in flashbacks, lượt thích in A Christmas Carol."


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And Jessy Barden was game for season two.

"If people enjoy something, you know, why wouldn"t you want to vì it again?" she told Digital Spy.

"The series is still about the same two people. It really is still about the two people that people responded to before. It"s not like they"re completely different people in any way. In some ways, they are. They"re still very complex."

And it helped that Forsman "really liked it", Covell told The i.

"That made me more relaxed about writing it," she added.

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With the entire series currently available khổng lồ stream on All4 in the UK và Netflix in the US, people are already looking ahead lớn the future and if there will be a third series.

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So, will James và Alyssa be baông xã for round three?

Here"s everything you need to lớn know.

The End of the F***ing World season 3 release date: When will it air?

At the premiere for season two, Covell, who is currently working on Kaos, a brvà new show for Netflix that "puts a modern twist on Greek and Roman mythology", didn"t sound hopeful about bringing it bachồng.

"I don"t think you"re going to lớn get another series," she told press. "I think sometimes it"s good to lớn just stop things and I hope when you see the end you"ll agree.

"I think you can push things but this feels lượt thích an actual over. Sorry."

Robert Chiltern / Clerkenwell FilmsChannel 4

But chatting to lớn Digital Spy back in May 2019, she didn"t rule it out: "I don"t think you should keep on going with something beyond its natural life.

"We"ve met them as old teenagers, và we"re now taking them inkhổng lồ adulthood, và I"m not sure – I don"t know if it"s right to see more. I don"t know. We"ll have khổng lồ see. Obviously never say never, but I think maybe sometimes it"s good to lớn get out."

A voice interjected: "We had a good idea the other day though, so I wouldn"t say never. But anyway…"

Covell added: "We could bởi it like Boyhood."

"Yeah!" said Barden. "That"s what I think we should actually do."

Channel 4/Netflix
"Could we afford you guys?" joked Covell.

Barden replied: "I"ve probably got another year coasting off this, and then I"m like probably going baông chồng khổng lồ being like, "Oh my God, why am I an actress? Another year at best.""

But at the Virgin Media BAFTA TV Awards bachồng in July, Covell didn"t sound hopeful when asked about its future: "I have a feeling probably not.

"I feel with shows like that is probably better to lớn leave it when it is at its height (it picked up two awards for Best Drama Series and Best Supporting Actress for Naomày Ackie). We all feel incredibly proud that we made that second season as successful as the first.

"Obviously you can never say never, but I think it"s good to quit while you"re ahead & I"m really pleased where we left them, & I think that"s it I"m afraid."

Channel 4
If we did get a season three (we"ll never let go), it"s unclear what the time frame would be – season one landed in October 2017, and then there was that huge wait for the second chapter (November 2019) – so your guess really is as good as ours.

There"s also Covid to contkết thúc with, which has made filming tricker than it"s ever been.

The End of the F***ing World season 3 cast: Who"s in it?

The show couldn"t exist without Alyssa & James, so both Barden & Lawther would need to be on board for future episodes.

"It just wouldn"t work ," Barden said (via the Guardian). "The show is Alyssa and James together, you know – that"s what it is."

The pair told NME that they"d love khổng lồ work together again, either on TEOTFW or another project (we hope it"s both!).

"I really wanmãng cầu play a female Joker," said Barden. "I wanna play a psychopath."

Lawther added: "I could play Harley Quinn và you can play the Joker."

Getting the gang baông chồng together could be tricky though – the duo are in demand following the show"s international success, và are both currently focusing on their own projects.

Initially, Lawther was reticent lớn commit khổng lồ TEOTFW.

"Initially, I thought was about a young man being violent towards a young woman, & I thought: "I"m not really that interested because there"s enough of that around,"" he told the Guardian.

But he didn"t take any convincing after digging a little deeper.

"But I realised that James becomes something else. It"s not about his violence towards Alyssa, it"s about hlặng understanding how he feels and working out that actually he"s not a psychopath, he"s just very, very, very sad."

We"d also expect Alyssa"s mum Gwen (Christine Bottomley) lớn feature.

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There"s also a possibility we could see James" dead mum (Kelly Harrison) and James" dead dad Phil (Steve Oram) in flashbacks.