The god of high school mobile game need help


School Is In Session

As I first launched the tutorial with The God of High School by Pangsky, I was in for a surprise. There is no doubt that there’s a bubbling charm radiating from this apk game. However, the learning curve that comes with this unique action turn-based RPG can be difficult khổng lồ digest. There’s a lot lớn learn and its deep menu system can be jarring at first. With that said, I found that this title offers tight combat & an engrossing story if given a chance.

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When The God of High School starts, it showed me a step-by-step process of how the combat system works. It’s fairly simple and can also be a bit nuanced with its tactics. The screen is split into two halves. The upper half shows the actual game play while the bottom half displays the avatars of the characters. Clicking on the avatar of the character you want khổng lồ use springs them into action. Holding down and sliding the avatar either left, right or down will activate a special move or a defense stat. The combat basically operates like rock, paper, scissors. Players will need to lớn best their opponents by canceling out the elemental powers of other characters. For example, fire powers will destroy tree elementals, while water powers will squelch fire elementals, etc. The roster of characters is endless. New characters are unlocked daily and range from magical martial artists khổng lồ Gods in physical form. Plus, the overall art kiến thiết is spot-on from the South Korean comic and it’s a joy khổng lồ look at.

The Elements Of Fighting

There are rather extensive cut scenes that flesh out the story in comic book form. The characters do speak, but it’s only in Korean. Unfortunately, the text bubbles are roughly translated into English which can be problematic. Sometimes it’s hard lớn determine what the exposition of the story is due lớn the translation. I suppose it’s good enough to garner the gist of what’s going on, but it is noticeable nonetheless. The sound kiến thiết is good enough lớn get the blood pumping, but it’s nothing memorable. The sound effects when it comes khổng lồ combat, however, are punchy & bone-cracking. I found myself using the special moves simply because they flooded the screen with a spectacle that never gets old.

There are no advertisements in The God of High School. However, there are some special loot boxes that can be purchased for special customizations, extra XP, etc. These aren’t game-breaking by any means. However, the option is there for fans of this title that want a little boost. One kiến thiết flaw I found was the fact that I unlocked rather powerful characters early in the game. This allowed me lớn use a special move that would one-shot bosses eliminating the need lớn use any other characters. I flattened them with one hit and there was no need lớn use any of the other characters. As a result, the game felt a little too easy at times, leaving me hankering for more of a challenge.

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Lessons Of The Fist

Much like AFK Dungeon, players will get loot và unlockables at a steady pace after play sessions. Sometimes, it can be a little overwhelming. Plus, learning all the items và their uses can be confusing. The God of High School is loaded with menus, submenus, side menus và even hidden menus. These range from upgrading the entire team khổng lồ just individual characters. Not to lớn mention that players can collect gems that will unlock various Gods. Navigating through everything can be a bit daunting & it may even turn away new players.

After playing for a couple of days, I discovered that I could sign up lớn “enroll in High School.” This serves as the game’s online component. Players can raid each other’s bases & take on each other’s teams. Based on my experience, the servers are highly active và full of players lớn compete with. Launching matches only took a few seconds and they can be fun khổng lồ play at times. There’s a lot to vày just with the multiplayer alone.

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The God of High School is oozing with material và things khổng lồ do. Despite its wonky layout, I found myself getting addicted to it this title. Therefore, I recommend this game android game for anyone that’s a tín đồ of the comic.