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The phầm mềm Store makes it simple for users to lớn discover, purchase, and tải về apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, hãng 6struyenky.vn TV, and 6struyenky.vn Watch. Enroll in the hãng 6struyenky.vn 6struyenky.vn Program khổng lồ distribute your apps worldwide on the tiện ích Store.

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About the ứng dụng Store

Find out how the tiện ích Store empowers you to distribute apps in the thriving app economy và successfully run and grow a global business. Get an overview of the extensive tiện ích management tools and kinh doanh resources you can access, and the capabilities you can integrate into your apps on the phầm mềm Store.

Learn about the tiện ích Store

App management

App Store Connect lets you upload, submit, and manage your apps, in-app purchases, & in-app events on the ứng dụng Store from the web, iPhone, or iPad. You can also monitor your sales & downloads, kiểm tra your apps, manage agreements and financial information, và more.

Learn about tiện ích Store Connect

Guidelines và requirements

Get details on design, tiện ích review, and sale criteria. Find out how lớn design intuitive apps for táo platforms, let customers know that your phầm mềm is available on the app Store, and much more.

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App Review

We đánh giá all apps, ứng dụng updates, app bundles, in-app purchases, và in-app events submitted lớn the app Store lớn help provide a safe và trust experience for users và the opportunity for 6struyenky.vns to lớn succeed. Learn how to prepare for review, discover common issues that cause rejections, and more.

Learn about ứng dụng Review

Business and marketing insights

Learn how khổng lồ make the most of the tiện ích Store by building an effective product page, improving your app’s discoverability, & taking advantage of features like pre-orders and in-app purchases. Find out how khổng lồ engage users with in-app events, onboarding experiences, responses lớn reviews, & much more.

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Membership và tools

You can tương tác us for help with managing your membership or using tiện ích Store Connect lớn upload metadata, phối up in-app purchases, submit for review, and much more. Select the topic that best describes your question lớn connect with experts who can help.

App Store Connect questions

App Review

You can liên hệ us to lớn get details on your submission’s status, ask for clarification on a rejection, appeal a rejection, request an expedited review, suggest guideline changes, và more.

App Store nhận xét questions

Intellectual property issues

If you believe that an tiện ích on the ứng dụng Store infringes your intellectual property rights, you can submit a claim at the following link and hãng 6struyenky.vn Legal will put you in liên hệ with the provider of the disputed app.

App Store nội dung dispute

App name issues

If you believe that an phầm mềm is preventing you from using the tiện ích name that you have rights khổng lồ use, you can submit a claim at the following link. Where appropriate, 6struyenky.vn Legal will forward your contact information và claim to the 6struyenky.vn of the blocking ứng dụng so that they can liên hệ you directly.

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App name dispute

App removals and appeals

6struyenky.vn sometimes receives notices that require us lớn remove content on the tiện ích Store. We may also remove nội dung for the reasons set forth in the phầm mềm Store nhận xét Guidelines or any of our agreements with you. Táo bị cắn dở will notify you when, where, & why an ứng dụng is removed from sale, with the exception of situations in which notification would be futile or ineffective, could cause potential danger of serious physical injury, could compromise 6struyenky.vn’s ability to detect 6struyenky.vn violations, or in instances related lớn violations for spam, phishing, và child exploitation imagery. Whenever possible, apps that are removed from the tiện ích Store will only be removed in countries & territories specific to lớn the issue, và will remain available in locations that aren’t impacted. If you believe your ứng dụng should be reinstated on the tiện ích Store, you can appeal the removal.