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I own a 1998 Corolla: bought it new and maintain it well. It has 145,000 mikes on it & still gets 26 mpg in đô thị driving. I have replaced the clutch once-it is a 5 speed stick-shocks snd brakes, as well as tires and batteries. This car is dependable & the harmonics sound the same today on start-up as they did in 1998. Reliable, paid off, and good gas mileage: Everything I love about this well- built machine.
I’ve driven this car ever since 1998 when I purchased it new - 23 years combined of commuting to lớn work and now for going to lớn meetings và appointments, & running errands. The oto is easy khổng lồ drive & very comfortable, no trouble even on snow & ice. Husband says the drive feels more comfortable than his 4 year old Prius! Even though repair expenses are increasing recently, I would rather drive it than purchase a new car.

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I got a real good giảm giá khuyến mãi on this car. I bought it almost 5 years ago with 56,000 miles. I have been keeping up with the maintenance & so far it has been a great car. I have not had much go wrong with it.
My corolla is with 215209 miles on it và still working lượt thích new Regular oil change (synthetic Mobil 1) fix repairs when they need so don’t get worse & you have a oto forever use regular gas and get good mileage
She may be old but she is reliable. Easy to drive. Can park her anywhere. She keeps on chugging with little upkeep. Maintain oil changes và air filters & she will last forever. She is easy on gas and the interior wears well. Only downside is the large vehicles on the road today makes highway driving a little uneasy. It is a smaller vehicle but that is what makes it so economical to own.
The Corolla is an excellent vehicle. I use mine as a daily commuter. It has never let me down. At 175k miles & 20yrs old the engine runs strong & gets well over what I expected for mpg. I drive 75mph to work every day and then threw town & still have excellent gas mileage. Great seating, very comfortable, & does everything I need.
My Toyota Corolla is almost trăng tròn years old, & still going strong, it has shows no signs of slowing down. It handles very well & is very economical in both mileage & repairs/maintenance. I will keep it until the wheels fall off, which, according to lớn my mechanic, is still several years and many thousands of miles away. When it does die, I will buy a Corolla again.
El carro es del 1998, lo compré en el año 2001 y todavía lo tengo, porque ha sido el mejor carro que he comprado en cuestión de calidad. Tengo otro carro de otra marca del 2009 y el Corolla del 98 me dá menos problemas de mecánica. En todos los años que lo tengo las reparaciones han sido mínimas. Todavía está en excelentes condiciones de mecánica y a cada rato me lo quieren comprar.
The vehicle has been taken good và the oto is in good condition inside & good shape outside. The oto runs will. The nguồn steering is starting to make some noise, but no indication of being "bad" at this time. The vehicle has about 157,000 miles on it.

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This oto is an anti lemon! The first battery lasted 9 years. I almost never have to lớn fix anything on this car, except for the trim inside the oto cracked và shrunk away from the doors. It had to lớn be taken off, & the roof is sagging now, just due khổng lồ age. The engine, I swear, will probably last for ever! Because it is a manual transmission, I can still peel rubber anytime I want! I see many other people in my area with this same year or near this year car, & their cars seem to be running well also!
I bought this car new, & the factory battery lasted 9 years! The engine has been perfect for 18 years. I see tons of these cars, the same year or near the same year, on the road every day. NUMI knew what they were doing when they built this car. At least with the moving parts. Okay, so the trim pieces inside the oto started to shrink away from the body toàn thân and crack during the 13th year, & the ceiling fabric started coming away at the edges the same year, but I would rather have the guts of this car last rather than "cosmetic" stuff.
I bought this oto new almost 18 years ago. It"s got 140,000+ on it now & hope lớn keep it until 200,000 miles. Replaced the clutch at about 115,000, other than that, no major work on it. It has survived being hit 4 times. Good gas mileage. If I had khổng lồ buy another oto today, I would get a Toyota Corolla all over again.
My 88 Toyota was still going strong when I traded it at 120000 miles for this 98 I hope it lasts as long as I bởi with less driving now retired.
I am satisfied with my Toyota 98 Corola, after every service it really improve the performance,and thanks to your staffs.

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