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iOS gaming has come a long way since the humble beginnings in the homebrew community with the original iPhone và the official App Store launch following year. mobile phone gaming has long since been considered a throwaway activity, with tiny games designed khổng lồ eat up a spare few minutes of free time.

That hasn’t necessarily changed, but with the advent of smartphones and hardware that is getting more powerful with each new handmix generation, those throwaway experiences are being flanked with deeper, more visually and mechanically advanced games that easily rival dedicated handheld gaming systems và even approaches some console và PC offerings.

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In fact, “console-like”, a term that gets thrown around a lot, has really just come lớn mean “a deeper gaming experience than you’d normally expect from a phone game.” For sản phẩm điện thoại developers targeting this kind of experience, the more “console-like” they can make their games the better.


However, as impressive as di động device hardware is these days, và as incredible as the visuals & expansive worlds that are now possible are, sometimes it’s what you don’t try cramming inkhổng lồ your game that makes it succeed. Addition by subtraction, if you will. That’s how I’d describe Lake Effect’s new 3rd-person shooter Trigger Fist (Free), which doesn’t match other iOS shooters in terms of bullet points & features, but is actually more quality and a better fit for điện thoại because of it.

Trigger Fist’s most radical change from similar iOS shooters is this: you can’t aim up or down. Yep, just like in the earliest days of the first-person shooter genre with games like Wolfenstein 3D ($1.99) & Doom ($4.99), there is no y-axis to lớn worry about. That might sound like a limitation, but the result is that Trigger Fist is much more focused on the pure act of shooting rather than fumbling with controls và precision aiming.

Of course, that could just be me. Personally I always kết thúc up struggling with virtual sticks when trying to lớn aim & fire on someone in the heat of battle, so I totally appreciate the decision to streamline the aiming in Trigger Fist. It feels like an old-school frag fest, & that’s what I love sầu about it.

Now, if you’ve enjoyed some of iOS’s previous “console-like” shooters like the Modern Combat or N.O.V.A. series that feature dual-stiông chồng controls with full range of movement, then the annexing of the y-axis might not be for you. And that’s cool, I get that. The important thing is that Lake Effect tried something different, and whether it’s your thing or not at least there are options for the kinds of shooters we have on the App Store. Had this game been on a system like the Xbox 360 with its great dual-stichồng controller then it would feel lượt thích a step backwards. Here on the touch screen, it’s a boon.

While the core gameplay in Trigger Fist is solid, it won’t blow your hair bachồng with its phối of features. There is no story-based single-player campaign, or really any story at all for that matter. The entire game consists of 4 multiplayer modes: Free-for-all Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill & Sacred Goat. The first 3 are self explanatory and standard fare for pretty much every shooter, though that’s not to lớn say they aren’t still fun.

Sacred Goat though is a really interesting mode. It’s sort of a rendition of Oddball from Halo. You square off as teams of 4 with a random goat running around the bản đồ. You can pick up the goat & sling hyên over your shoulder. You only have use of your pistol while carrying the goat, và if you’re killed while he’s on your back he’ll scamper off for anybody toàn thân lớn pichồng up. Your team wins by being the first lớn hold onto lớn the goat for a set amount of total time.

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There are 6 maps currently in the game, & although they run the gamut of typical modern shooter environments visually, the màn chơi designs themselves are absolutely fantastic. Plenty of strategic locations & different tactics lớn discover, và they’re small enough khổng lồ always keep the action a moment away without feeling tiny or cluttered. One downside khổng lồ no vertical aiming is that the environments are completely flat, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing lớn accept. Again, this feels lượt thích a modern day shooter with an old-school soul.

You can connect with friends or random players online for games for up lớn 8 player matches, but due to lớn current trò chơi Center limitations there can only ever be 4 human players at the same time. The remaining players are filled out with AI bots so you’ll always have a full match, & you can even play all 4 modes lớn your heart’s content completely offline with the bots if you wish.

Battling AI bots might not sound like the most exciting thing in the world, but the bots in Trigger Fist are something special. They far and away have sầu the most intelligent & challenging AI I’ve sầu ever seen in a mobile shooter. They flank you, intelligently utilize cover, use weapons wisely, team up with each other strategically, và generally play better than the majority of players you’d run into lớn online. When you’re playing Trigger Fist but laông chồng any sort of online connection you likely won’t even care as the AI makes the game a blast to play anyway.

Besides the great touch screen controls và fast action, one of the things that’s kept me coming baông chồng to lớn Trigger Fist is its upgrade system. Whether you’re playing online or off, you have 3 different classes of soldier that each cấp độ up independently: a Scout, a Rifleman & a Gunner. You can switch classes in between respawns during a game, và by using each you’ll earn experience that unlocks newer và better weapons & perks.

There’s not an overabundance of weapons or items, và the grind for some of the later items gets pretty intense, but it’s nice lớn have some goals to lớn work towards. If you want you can cấp độ up instantly with IAP, but it’s in no way necessary và in my opinion would ruin what’s fun about playing. Plus, the higher tier weapons aren’t necessarily more powerful, rather they just offer different kinds of firepower.

For all the good things I have sầu lớn say about Trigger Fist, it does have a few problems. It gets the job done visually, but is far from the best looking game out there. Its soundtrack và sound effects are also kind of generic, lacking punch. The biggest issue currently though is the overall flakiness of trò chơi Center. Matchmaking struggles to find a full 4 players, and several of the leaderboards aren’t working. A fix is already submitted for these issues & should be out any day. Also, the player base has definitely grown since the game released last week, which has helped substantially with finding real players khổng lồ match with.

There are definitely more “console-like” shooters on the App Store, but Trigger Fist succeeds by forgetting about consoles altogether and just making something that feels right for iOS. Some may see it as lacking features but I’d argue that it’s just streamlined và a better game for it. It has some minor issues, but the core ideas are executed to perfection, creating a shooter unlượt thích anything else currently on iOS. Plus, it’s just damn fun khổng lồ play, which is why I can’t seem to get enough.

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Great touch controls, fast action, amazing AI, intelligent level design, & an overall simplicity are all the reasons Trigger Fist has caused such a lapse in my productivity as of late. Our forums are abuzz about the game too, so stop by there or the username trading thread và get in on the fragging.

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