Good fighting games for mobiles are, in relation to lớn other genres, somewhat in short supply, which is why whenever a game lượt thích EA Sports’ UFC mobile 2 comes out, we’re immediately excited lớn give it a spin. And admittedly, our first impressions of this trò chơi have been quite pleasant, despite it perhaps not being as flowy and freeform as we’d expect from games of this genre. Nevertheless, with its expansive career mode, as well as tons of different fighters across various weight categories và fighting styles, there’s a lot to lớn see and do in this fighting game.

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UFC di động 2 plays like a tournament fighter where two combatants face off in 1v1 fights, in which the objective is khổng lồ drain the opponent’s energy bar lớn get a KO. To lớn this end, fighters must punch, kick, grapple, & submit their way khổng lồ victory.

The combat system in UFC điện thoại 2 is quite straightforward. Despite the player having complete liberty over the moves they can throw, the actual attacks & combos are somewhat rigid & simple. In this sense, players can use light, medium, and heavy attacks, and combo each of these together, up to lớn a maximum of three hits per combo. Combatants can also dodge, parry, và block attacks khổng lồ avoid taking damage, though these techniques require some skill khổng lồ use correctly, especially in the case of parrying blows.

UFC mobile 2 has a very large roster of fighters based on real-life martial artists, and its chiến dịch mode will have you fighting against many big names in the industry, as you make your way towards the vị trí cao nhất by not only winning matches, but also continuously upgrading your roster of fighters to enhance their stats. In this sense, this game also has plenty of RPG progression aspects as your stats play a vital role in the performance of your fighters.

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Despite its rigidity in its general gameplay, UFC smartphone 2 gets much faster and hectic as you reach more advanced stages, with CPU opponents getting tougher và more aggressive, prompting you khổng lồ dodge & counter with precision in order to take the win. Lớn this end, we highly recommend playing UFC mobile 2 on PC with 6struyenky.vn, which will not only give you the best graphics & performance—both of which are crucial elements in most fighting games—but they will also let you control the kích hoạt with your keyboard, for increased accuracy in fights.

Downloading và Installing UFC smartphone 2 on PC

Jumping into the octagon with UFC mobile 2 on your computer is quite easy, & takes just a few simple steps:

Complete Google Sign-in to lớn access the Play Store, or bởi it later.Look for UFC smartphone 2 using the tìm kiếm bar on the top-right corner.Click lớn install UFC sản phẩm điện thoại 2 from the tìm kiếm results.Complete Google Sign-in (if you skipped step 2) lớn install UFC smartphone 2.Click the UFC mobile 2 icon on the trang chủ screen to start playing.

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The entire installation process can be done in a matter of minutes, after which you’ll be getting the absolute best experience with UFC di động 2, with all the goodness that only your PC can provide.