The 9 types of coworking space available today


The coworking industry is constantly growing as people embrace the appeal of a workspace that combines a community feel with the amenities of an office and a range of seating options. One of the latest coworking trends is temporary coworking spaces in the size of pop-up events, which leads us lớn the question, is this a trend or the future of coworking?


Increasing Flexibility

Pop-up events for coworking show how various spaces are becoming more flexible khổng lồ adapt khổng lồ changing needs. Even major companies are embracing this coworking trkết thúc, such as L.L. Bean, which made an outdoor office that is fully functional và is bringing it around the country. This project is in partnership with Industrious Coworking và comes in the form of a sleek and glassy open office with canopied patquả táo on either side, complete with business furniture. There is even a three-seat cycling desk.

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This is the perfect example of how coworking is moving toward more flexibility, since those who use this space can work outdoors while still getting some office-lượt thích amenities.


Remix is a coworking startup in Austin that builds on this idea of temporary coworking spaces & helps restaurants. Essentially, Rephối works with various restaurants, renting their unused space during off-peak hours to lớn use as a coworking space. The restaurants get some extra income, & Remix gets to lớn have several temporary locations.


Office Depot

Office Depot has also introduced its own version of temporary coworking spaces. Starting with a location in Los Gatos, California, it introduced the Workonomy Hub that has tech-tư vấn kiosks và other office-related functions in a small section of the store.

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Behore worked with Coworker to host a không tính tiền women-only pop-up coworking space in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The sự kiện was highly successful, attracting more than 60 women from 14 different countries và providing inspiration for future pop-up events.

Providing Security for Pop-Up Workspaces

One of the biggest challenges for these temporary coworking spaces is security since it is much harder to lớn control access to a pop-up space than a permanent one. In the case of enclosed pop-up coworking spaces, the traditional methods, like a Smartphone application that acts as a key card, will work. With open spaces, such as that from L.L. Bean, however, someone must always be on hand và security cameras become essential.


The popularity of dedicated desks in coworking spaces show that pop-ups will not take over anytime soon.

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Is This the Future of Coworking?

There is certainly a place for these temporary spaces in the future of coworking, but it is unlikely lớn be the sole trover. After all, many people who use coworking spaces lượt thích lớn be able to lớn go to lớn the same space và use their dedicated desks daily; the fact that they pay extra for a dedicated desk proves this. You cannot store items in a temporary coworking space, and once it moves on, members would need to find somewhere else khổng lồ work. That being said, pop-up events are likely khổng lồ continue khổng lồ be one of the popular coworking trends, offering an occasional change of scenery for those who already have sầu coworking memberships or a quality opportunity for others khổng lồ try out coworking.

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