Hundreds gathered at San Jose City Hall khổng lồ mourn the lives of the nine victims killed in Wednesday’s mass shooting at a San Jose VTA rail yard on Thursday.

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De Anza students return lớn campus with excitement

May 22, 2021

After more than 15 months of remote learning, De Anza College students are baông chồng on campus for Phase II of De Anza’s campus reopening plan.


De Anza students disagree on cost of online learning

May 18, 2021

Students disagree on whether online or in-person learning is better, considering both the teaching style and the financial cost.


Students rejoice as De Anza adds in-person graduation event

May 16, 2021

The De Anza College graduation ceremony now includes an in-person “red carpet grad photo opportunity” between June 15-18.

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Maidomain authority Suta, Reporter

June 3, 2021

As the pandemic shut down most travel for months, students could not see their family members that live sầu abroad. But as COVID-19 cases decrease & vaccines are distributed, these students are hoping khổng lồ see their family again.


Native American & Indigenous panel discuss reckoning with colonialism

June 2, 2021

Indigenous speakers shared the broadly forgotten history of their lineages in the fourth installment of De Anza College’s multiracial panel series “Our Histories, Our Experiences, Our Lives: From Learning khổng lồ Collective Action” on May 21.

De Anza students learn about a career in health care at panel

June 1, 2021

Panelists advised healthcare students about reaching out to underserved communities at the “Healthcare Providers Career Panel” on May 12 as part of a panel series about healthcare workers.

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Mother và daughter De Anza alumni break age barriers

June 1, 2021

When Eunice Romero graduated from De Anza College in 2018, she was proud to lớn be the first woman in her family to attover college. But Romero’s mother & biggest supporter, 43-year-old Yaneth Gutierrez, wasn’t cheering from the crowd — she was alongside Romero, graduating too.

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