Green Day, Twice「Wake Me Up」Music Video


Before releasing the tuy vậy on June 17, 2013, the Swedish producer debuted the traông xã three months prior at Ultra Music Festival 2013. Famously, the audience was so confused by the music that they booed.

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“When we performed at Ultra, it was just awkward," the track"s vocadanh sách Aloe Blacc told SPIN last year. "I don’t think even the sound people knew what they were doing. Everybody toàn thân else at the festival had air cannons & pyro and half-naked girls khiêu vũ onstage. Then here comes Tlặng with drums, banjo, fiddle, guitar và three singers.”

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Nile Rodgers

When Blacc and the song"s co-writer Mike Einzinger got offstage that night, they asked the artist born Tlặng Bergling if the performance had been bad. Bergling told them not to lớn worry, because audiences would underst& later.

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The Top 100 Moments of the EDM Decade

He was right. "Wake Me Up" become not only a defining hit of the Avicii catalog, but a defining anthem of the EDM era, with its influences blurring the lines between dance, pop & country like no other tuy vậy before it.The traông chồng peaked at No. 4 & finished atNo. 13’s year-end Hot 100 songsin 2013. "Wake Me Up" also held the record for most weeks at No.1 on the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart (with 26 weeks) until that record was broken by The Chainsmokers" "Closer," featuring Halsey, which logged 27 weeks at No. 1.

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As the tuy vậy was dominating the charts in the fall of 2013, Avicii và Chic"s Nile Rodgers sat down for an interview with for a discussion about making music, their friendship and "Wake Me Up."

"I always thought it was good," Bergling says of the song in that interview. "I always kind of trusted my own judgment in the music & knew that once people vì chưng hear it, at least when my fans hear it và stuff, when they get over the fact that it"s country...I trust in the music, because I thought it was the best work I"ve sầu done."

"To have a dance record that could possibly impact the country market," follows Rodgers, "to me I was just thinking statistically, not only is this artistically bold, but if this connects, you"re doing some next cấp độ dance music."

Next cấp độ it was. Seven years after the release of "Wake Me Up" -- và just more than two years after Avicii"s tragic suicide on April đôi mươi, 2018 -- the tuy nhiên remains a dance world classic.Watch the complete interview with Bergling and Rodgers below.