Get the most from your headphones everywhere with optimised noise cancellation & wireless freedom. 


Download the ứng dụng to use Smart Listening by Adaptive Sound Control, control your ambient sound settings & adjust the sound levels with the Equalizer.

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Feel immersed in sound wherever you are. Experience audio optimised for different listening environments including outdoor stages, clubs, halls và arenas.

Find your perfect sound tone for every tuy nhiên from the presets, easily customisable to lớn your preference with the 6struyenky.vn | Headphones Connect APP.

Hear music that stays true khổng lồ the original recording with High-Resolution Audio. Optimised for High-Resolution Audio, S-Master HX™ reduces distortion and allows you khổng lồ enjoy all the subtleties in your music. The 9mm dynamic driver maintains drive force for deep bass & clear mids without dropping off like other drivers, while the airtight Balanced Armature driver provides natural high frequency sound for longer. Both drivers work together lớn keep sound response steady across the frequencies.

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Digital Sound Enhancement Engine HX (DSEE HX™) upscales compressed digital music files, bringing them closer to lớn the unique of High-Resolution Audio. By restoring the high-range sound lost in compression, DSEE HX™ produces your digital music files in rich, clear sound.

Manage your day, just by asking your assistant. Enjoy entertainment, connect with friends, get information, listen to lớn music và notifications, phối reminders, & more.

Conversation flows freely with easy, hands-free calling. Leave your phone where it is, just speak with a click.

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Use the supplied cable for uninterrupted truly High-Resolution Audio và noise cancelling for up to lớn 14 hours.