Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Redstone 6 Build 18214 To Insiders On Skip Ahead

Microsoft releases the first version of Windows 10 Redstone 6, the successor lớn Windows 10 Redstone 5, scheduled for fall 2018. Redstone 6 will be completed by spring 2019.

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Windows 10 build 18204 offers the same changes as the latest version of Redstone 5, we’re talking about build 17723, which has been available for a few hours. We find improvements around the mixed reality especially with the help of the “torch”.

Dona Sarkar, Windows Insider Program Manager explains

“Today we are pleased to inform you that with “Flashlight” we offer you the possibility to look into your physical environment – without having lớn take off your helmet”.

In parallel, the Microsoft Edge browser receives new Group Policy & MDM settings for IT administrators. This allows access khổng lồ options such as activating và deactivating the full-screen mode, saving the history or removing the XSS filter.

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Unicode 11 is also officially supported. We find new emoji, like superheroes, a pirate flag or a llama

Microsoft increases the accuracy of time. More precisely, the system supports the setting of one second UTC in a traceable way. It is basically an adjustment of time khổng lồ the average astronomical time. This is achieved by adding one second every 18 months. This small loss is due to the various decelerations of our planet Earth during its orbit around the Sun. In addition, various optimizations are made khổng lồ increase time accuracy.

Of course, there are many other little things out there, including many bug fixes & improvements. Details can be found at the over of this article. Chú ý that we are in the presence of a build proposed under the Insider program. Microsoft announces some known và unresolved issues.

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General changes, improvements, & fixes for PC

We fixed an issue resulting in the “…” menu not working in multiple apps (including Microsoft Store, Photos, và Screen Sketch) where clicking on any of the items would just make the thực đơn dismiss.We fixed an issue where in certain cases on PCs with multiple monitors, all the windows might have appeared shifted “up” & mouse đầu vào going to lớn the wrong location.We fixed the issue with Windows Defender Application Guard no longer working after installing the Build 17713.1002 Cumulative Update.We fixed an issue from the last flight whereupon rebooting in order to lớn start upgrading to the build, the system would boot back into the current build rather than the new one.We fixed an issue resulting in upgrades to the previous build failing with error 0x8007001f.We fixed an issue from the previous flight where Window Recovery Environment (WinRE) would not launch và resulted in “Reset this PC” and “Advanced startup” flows khổng lồ be broken và appear to vì chưng nothing. We also fixed an issue from the flight before last (not visible in the last flight due khổng lồ the aforementioned bug) where “Reset this PC” would initiate & rollback without completing the intended reset.We fixed an issue resulting in some laptops experiencing a CRITICAL PROCESS DIED bug check when the PC was put lớn sleep by closing lid và the connected power nguồn disconnected.We fixed an issue resulting in ShellExperienceHost.exe crashing when trying khổng lồ pin apps to lớn Start thực đơn via drag and drop.We fixed an explorer.exe crash when launching the default Apps Settings page via WIN+R ‘control /name Microsoft.DefaultPrograms /page pageFileAssoc’.We fixed an issue where .mkv files were using a generic ứng dụng icon in tệp tin Explorer instead of a thumbnail.Delivery Optimization Settings now has a new icon.We fixed an issue where suggestions on the main page of Settings would appear after a delay, making the Settings categories shift unexpectedly.We fixed an issue where Notification Settings listed every possible quick kích hoạt in the enable/disable quick actions section, even those not applicable to the PC being used (including two Focus Assist entries).We fixed an issue where the systray overflow area could kết thúc up drawing slightly below the taskbar.We fixed an issue resulting in the network state in the taskbar potentially becoming stale in recent builds (showing there was no connection when there was, & vice versa).We fixed an issue where pinging PCs by name on the same LAN would bởi vì a case-sensitive name check.We fixed an issue where using v6v4tunnel khổng lồ establish a tunnel didn’t work.We fixed an issue in Command Prompt from the previous flight where if a typed string wrapped around to lớn a second line, you could only delete it up khổng lồ the line break.We fixed an issue resulting in Task View / Timeline crashing on launch for some Insiders in recent builds.We fixed an issue where right-clicking an activity in Timeline was missing the “clear all from day” option.When you xuất hiện a PDF using Microsoft Edge, the activity will now be listed in Timeline.We fixed an issue where sometimes you would see windows unexpectedly quickly reorder after exiting Task View without selecting a window.We fixed an issue resulting in not being able to distinguish the border between two overlapping Command Prompt windows.We fixed an issue resulting in the tops of apps in tablet mode being clipped (i.e. Missing pixels).Not fixed.Thanks, everyone for sharing your feedback about the new welcome screen string prompting you to lock your PC. For the time being, we will be reverting this khổng lồ the previous string “These updates will protect you in an online world”.We’ve made some tweaks khổng lồ the thiết kế of the Cortana & tìm kiếm landing page, specifically in situations where Cortana isn’t enabled/supported.We fixed an issue resulting in Microsoft Jigsaw hanging on launch in recent builds.The settings thực đơn in Microsoft Edge (“…”) is now acrylic.When you right-click a book in the Microsoft Edge Books pane, you’ll now see an option to nội dung the book.We fixed an issue that could result in Microsoft Edge spellchecking even though spellchecking was turned off in Settings.We fixed an issue where using the mouse wheel in Microsoft Edge would unexpectedly bởi vì a forward/back through browser history if the focus was in the address bar & “Scroll inactive windows” was disabled.We fixed an issue where when using certain sites to listen to music in Microsoft Edge, your mouse might experience a small freeze if moving when the tuy nhiên changed.We fixed an issue resulting in apps like Adobe XD crashing on keypress in recent flights.We fixed an issue that could result in a deadlock on certain devices after using the pen to ink.We fixed an issue where the touch keyboard would still have a launch animation even if “Show animations” was turned off in Ease of Access Settings.We fixed an issue where launching regedit.exe (or any .exe that requires elevation) from a non-elevated cmd window using the “start” start command produced a “parameter is incorrect” error.We fixed an issue causing Narrator speech to fade when waking from sleep mode.We fixed an issue where the error “Your fingerprint couldn’t be recognized. Try using a different finger.” was displaying unexpected characters in place of the apostrophe.