How to format write protected usb/pen drive

I just want lớn make my pendrive write protected just lớn make sure, when I insert it public PCs like in cyber cafes in order to just read the files, it doesn"t get vi khuẩn affected. How can I vị this?


Unless your USB drive has a physical switch, this is not possible. You cannot enforce something lượt thích this using a software solution, especially when you vì not control the system.

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You could always try locking the drive sầu using diskpart.

Open CMD as admin & type diskpart.

When diskpart loads - type danh mục disk

This will give you a menu of drives in your machine.

Select your USB device using the select disk 1 comm& (where 1 is the number of your USB)

Use attributes disk mix readonly to lớn set the drive as read only.

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If your stichồng uses the NTFS filesystem, you can bởi the following. If not, consider copying the files off of the drive sầu, then format as NTFS.

Do the following:

mở cửa your explorer và select the driveletter of your USB drive.Right clichồng & select PropertiesOpen the tab SecurityCliông xã the Change button, và answer yes to the UAC prompt if applicable.Look if there"s an Everyone user. It is likely not there. If it is, skip step 8.Click on Add...Type in Everyone and cliông xã OkSelect the Everyone userSet a checkmark in the column deny for Write.

From this moment on, no one can change the drive sầu anymore. If you want lớn make changes, Repeat the above steps and remove the checkbox for write in the deny column.

Although the screenshot is dutch, it is showing the endresult.

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