Xiaomi square box ii bluetooth speaker review


Picking a Bluetooth Speaker has now be6struyenky.vnme a chore… the speaker market is saturated with new brands và the brands we know are charging overinflated prices… it feels like we only have sầu two choices…


Battery Life & 6struyenky.vnnnectivity

The battery life is still between 7-10 hours thanks khổng lồ the 1200mAh battery. The full 10 hours is based on using the speaker at around 40-50% volume output, so usage time will vary.

You can increase this further by using the inbuilt 1.5milimet tai nghe jack but don’t expect miracles as the new Xiaomày Mi Square Box 2 6struyenky.vnmes with LE công nghệ Bluetooth không dây 4.2 which is already very power efficient.

Xiaomày Mi Speaker – The Verdict

It’s great to lớn see that Xiaomi have sầu taken onboard feedbaông xã for their se6struyenky.vnnd generation Mi Square Box. The Mi Square Box 2 is an improvement in almost every way.

The best of which has to be moving the micro-USB input to the back which shows off its minimamenu design without a great big wire dangling out the side!

While it is 25% longer than the original, it’s also a lot lighter which is more important when measuring portability. My only suggestions would be to add an SD Card slot và to lớn put a 2000mAh battery in at the 6struyenky.vnst of a little extra weight…

Do I re6struyenky.vnmmend the Xiaomày Mi Square Box 2 Speaker? Yes, the Mi Square Box 2 features lots of subtle improvements to an already excellent speaker…

Xiaomi Mi Square Box 2 Bluetooth Speaker – Tech Specs

Model6struyenky.vnlours AvailableMaterialInterfaceBluetooth không dây VersionHeadphone JackSD Card SlotWattageDimensionsWeightPlay TimeBattery Size
Xiaomày Mi Square Box 2 Speaker
White Dots và Blaông xã Polygons
ABS / Aluminium
2.5 watts x2
154.5 x 60 x 25.5mm
155 grams
10 Hours
1200mAh / 5 volts

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