Android is known for its extent in customisation. To fulfill our purpose & give a push to lớn our apk smartphones, we use custom ROMs, kernels, & tweaks. But not everyone is a ROM fanatic, some users love the stability offered by stock ROMs. Operating and sticking khổng lồ stock doesn’t mean you can’t use any custom features – there are mods & tweaks out there that offer inclusion of these features into the ROM.

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Xposed Framework is one such tweak, which gained a lot of popularity amongst the crowd. It is basically a way to lớn easily introduce system-level changes to your android device, without having the need khổng lồ install a custom ROM. The only one thing that it requires is a rooted phone/tablet. The development of this tiện ích is carried out by XDA Recognised Developer rovo89. Follow the instructions below lớn setup Xposed Framework on app android Marshmallow.


It took a little long for the developer khổng lồ work out và bring Xposed Framework to apk Marshmallow và Lollipop. But then, someone wisely said – “Better late than never“. Previously Xposed could be installed directly by the Xposed Installer app, but now, on app android Marshmallow và Lollipop, the installation takes place by flashing it through TWRP recovery. Post that, Xposed ứng dụng could be used to tải về and manage the modules.


It is quite easy lớn install Xposed Framework on apk Marshmallow, just follow the steps below.


Installing Xposed modules could sometimes cause boot loops. or any of its members shall not be responsible for any damage to lớn your device. However, we could help you get past such situations if any arises.

Table of ContentsSteps lớn Install Xposed Framework on game android Marshmallow

Before you proceed

Your device should be rooted and have TWRP installed.Enable Unknown sources in Settings > Security.

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Steps lớn Install Xposed Framework on app android Marshmallow


Reboot your phone into TWRP recovery mode. You can bởi this by either using the physical button combination or using the command below while your phone is connected lớn the PC via USB cable:

adb reboot recoveryNow once the phone has entered TWRP recovery, you can install Xposed. Go to Install and select the installer zip (e.g. Swipe the button on the bottom to lớn start the flashing process.It will hardly take a few seconds lớn complete, & when it is, tap on Reboot System.When your phone has rebooted successfully, you can use a tệp tin explorer to open the location where you have placed the XposedInstaller_3.1.apk, và install it like a regular apk app.Go lớn your app drawer & open Xposed Installer. This is where all the magic happens.You can start off by downloading a module, by going to Download. Some popular modules that we recommend are – GravityBox, iFont, XBlast Tools, and Instagram Downloader.After a module has been downloaded, go to Modules and enable it. You may have lớn restart your phone after you have enabled a module.Xposed is a highly efficient app/mod khổng lồ satisfy your phone’s requirement for features. It is reliable, và most of all, can be used on any app android ROM, be it stock or custom.

Uninstall Xposed Framework

Xposed framework on apk Marshmallow is subjective, it may work well for some, but not so good for others. It relies on a lot of different factors including OEM, app android version, & ROM being used. So, just in case Xposed doesn’t suit your device, you can always safely uninstall it.

To uninstall, download the uninstaller zip from here, corresponding to lớn your phone’s architecture. Transfer it khổng lồ your phone’s storage & flash it through TWRP recovery, the same way you flashed the installer. Finally, reboot your device.

If you have any questions regarding Xposed Framework on game android Marshmallow, you can post a phản hồi below. Has Xposed been a better alternative to custom ROMs on your android device? If it is running well for you, let us know your phone model and OS version, so that we can prepare a danh mục of phones on which Xposed Framework is stable & safe khổng lồ use.

Installed Xposed Framework? Why not bring app android N features to your device with the android N-ify Xposed module.

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