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Nadech (as Ramin) and Yaya (as Petra ) – Opening Ceremony

‘Nadech’ Superstar in our heart
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IN vol. 11 no. 252 September 2015


There are two types of beautiful lady in my eyes. Her adorableness can be a beautiful angle of a woman; or the beautiful mind & heart can also be another beautiful angle of a woman. Most importantly, I think if we love sầu someone, fall for someone, or secretly love sầu someone, we would be able khổng lồ see her beauty. I never judge the beauty by looking at only the appearance, but I also find the beauty from (her) inside (mind và heart), since this kind of beauty will appear at the outside by itself. If someone who has beautiful heart & also has beautiful appearance, likes dressing up herself adorably and beautifully, having beautiful hair, being the way she is, và having her own style, she would make herself become more beautiful.

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If I say that Barry-Nadech Kugimiya is a superstar in people hearts. I believe many people view agree with me. Because other than his acting skills that alway improve sầu with his working experience. His lovely personality have been the same since the beginning until now. Just like this time that In magazine invited him khổng lồ have sầu a fashion shoot with us again. With the new haircut that make hyên ổn look lượt thích 18 years old after five sầu years that he didn’t change his hairstyle. And updated us with many thing about his life.

After this, what is your work that all fans going to lớn see?For this year I have sầu drama “Tarm Rak Kuen Jai” krab, starting with Mew (Nittha Jirayangyuen) and I am going to lớn have sầu another drama with Yaya (Urassaya Sperbund) soon. The drama called “LehLubSaLubRang” krab. Talking about “TarmRakKuenJai” it is a remake drama that P’Au (Tanakorn Posayanon) and P’Pupae (Ramawadee Nakchattree) used to lớn play the leading role. And for this version P’Da (Hathairat Amatawanich) the producer give sầu me an opportunity. And the director for this drama is PaJaew (Yutthana Lorpanpaiboon). This is one of the good drama with variety feeling, romantic, drama, action, và comedy. It rolled up everything into one drama.This is one of the drama that very challenging for me. Because the main character which is NaiSing. He is a lot older than me. And he is the farm owner, that have sầu to lớn look after 1000 workers. Also, he have sầu khổng lồ fight with the people who want lớn deforest too. This story is involved with protecting the forest. In this drama I have sầu a chance khổng lồ work with P’Au the main actor from last version. But in this version he act as NaRam. P’Au have sầu taught me many things krab. He is one of the people that I always asking for advice about acting. Because before this drama we worked together in the drama series “The Rising Sun” before.

Acting with Mew, how is it?Acting with Nong Mew, Nong is very lovely and very good at acting. Actually she is older than me, but you forced me khổng lồ Gọi her Nong (laugh). Nong Mew portray the character NooNa. She is a girl from wealthy family that disguised herself lớn apply for a work at my farm to find her father. And between that time many thing happen. .

How did you prepare before shooting this drama?I have to practice shooting gun. Because in this drama I have sầu to lớn shoot gun a lot. And I have never shoot a gun before. For the first few scenes I have sầu to lớn shoot a gun but I just use to lớn fight with sword. When I have sầu a chance to hold a gun for real và shoot, my eyes blink all the time. I was afraid và very tense. At one point you have lớn flex your hand before you shoot. But I flex my hand both before và after. Before I shoot I told the staff dad I am going to lớn shoot now, and I told hyên many times. But I did dare khổng lồ pull the trigger. I didn’t feel excited, but I am a little bit nervous krab. At the end I shot for real. Because the staff team want me khổng lồ feel the real feeling. Another thing is you will see something new dad happen on my face, which is a beard. I have sầu lớn have sầu I love of beard to lớn make me look tougher.

How is it, after you learn how lớn shoot a real gun?It is fun krab. But it was just a weapon that was used in the drama mix. For me, I learn khổng lồ shoot only for use in my acting, it was not for sport. And P’Au taught me how to lớn use a gun too for example how to lớn hold it, how lớn load a gun, how lớn pull a trigger. When I load a bullets P’Au told me to count how many bullet that I have sầu used. I have sầu to lớn be calm & watch a bullet when I shot it,for safety. But mostly in the drama you didn’t use the real bullet. So it is safe in some degree. And the acting how to look skilful, P’Au also taught me,so it will look good in the drama.

What other new thing that you have done from this drama.I have sầu a chance to lớn chạy thử my toughness & patience krab. Because for this drama we shot in many places sometime it is very hot, sometime it’s very cold & sometime it’s raining too. In any normal drama we shoot the drama about 50 to 60 times. But for this drama I shoot about 100 times already. Because sometime the weather is not good & the location is very hard lớn control. I work quite hard for this drama but it’s worth it both for me và for the viewer. this drama set have sầu taught me many things about patience and about work. We just finish it two weeks ago before I came to lớn have a fashion shoot with IN magazine krab.

What about that new drama with Yaya?“Leh Lub Salub Rang” my character is police captain. People call hyên as “Captain Iron Hand”. He is very confidence in himself, A playboy and lượt thích to lớn flirt. He didn’t lượt thích to lớn show off but he just want to show other people that he can bởi it. He is a good police and he can vày everything that he says he can. As for Yaya, her character is an actress/model/beauty pageant and people điện thoại tư vấn her “Pearl of Asia”. It is a story about this two people that meet each other. Because in every lifetime that they were born these two always fighting with each other. Both of them are really proud of them self. And for this lifetime the higher power switch their body so they can learn about each other. One think that actress is just an actress và the another one think that police is just a police. So they got switched body so they can learn how hard or how easy it is for another people to lớn live sầu. And learn lớn underst& each other.In this drama, our souls are switched. For me, my body toàn thân is still a man but when we switched I have sầu to act lượt thích the soul of main female leading role is in my body toàn thân. I have sầu to act lượt thích a woman which is very hard & very challenging. I have to try not lớn act lượt thích a transsexual screaming and shouting. Because a real woman is not like that. It is dependent on how the character that Nong Yaya have sầu designed is. And when our souls are switched. I have sầu to keep the character that Yaya designed. We have sầu lớn talk about this again. Because we didn’t have a script và didn’t have sầu an outfit fitting yet. Also we haven’t start shooting, you might be able the see it next year.

NY bạn will be very happy that you two work together again.Yes krab.

There are sometime that your người complain about you two got pair with other actors or actresses.Yes krab, I have a lot of problem with this. But I try be fair & didn’t think about it that much. About work I know that between main actor và main actress we have sầu responsibilities. I didn’t vày thing because I have sầu any hidden agendomain authority. Every actors & actresses want lớn portray their characters the best they can. The situation lượt thích this is didn’t happen just only to lớn me. I think other channel or other people are also have the same problem. But it might be because I’m at the spot that a lot of people talking about. That’s why it became a topic. And normally I don’t have sầu any news for the reporter to ask. So the reporter have to use the story from website board or from somewhere else to lớn ask me. Otherwise there will be only the same old news. For this I understvà, no problem at all krab.

We heard that after finished “TarmRakKuenJai” you have 3 months break so you change your hair style.Yes krab, I have sầu the same hairstyle for about 5 years already, because I have sầu khổng lồ work on dramas continuously. So when I got a long break I cut my hair short. I first I was thinking which kind of hairstyle will I have, keep it long or cut it. But at the end I decided lớn cut it, so it will look difference. When I saw myself with a new haircut. I feel lượt thích myself when I first entered the entertainment industry. Feel like I was 18 years old again. (Laugh) I’m very happy because my face look like 23-24 already.After I cut my hair and the hairdresser styling it for me. I really lượt thích it krab. Handsome or not I don’t know, but I like it very much. It’s like this is my hair and I already cut it. After this I’m not sure if I have grow it back khổng lồ a long hairstyle. It will depkết thúc on my new drama, new character krab.

You have a 3 months break, what are you intend to do?Now I’m crazy with sport like indoor climbing. I have lớn practice and prepare my toàn thân to be more ready. I might enter the competition on a basic cấp độ. Some of the senior told me about the competition and I want to lớn enter it krab. Even though I just start climbing for about half year. I’m on the beginner level, it’s called grade 6A or 6A+ something lượt thích that.For the world completion they have sầu grade 5A, 5A+, 5B, 5B+, 5C, 5C+, and sometime they will be only 5 no 5A, 5B, 5C or grade 6, 6A, 6A+, 6B, 6B+, 6C, 6C+ until grade 9. It’s the standard of each route.

How was the level 5?At first I started at 6-7 meters và I felt like it was so hard và I also scare because I climb with the instinct. And when they told me lớn jump, it’s ok because there are someone holding to lớn rope và it’s very save sầu. At first I was scare but lately I got use khổng lồ it. But I didn’t climb for 2 weeks. When I went baông xã lớn climb again my legs will shake again krab.

Someone said that in roông xã climbing there will be one point that the climber have to lớn think whether or not they want to lớn continue or lớn turn baông chồng.

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Yes krab, at some point I have lớn decide whether or not I’m going lớn let my partner carry my weight và go down or continue climb up. It not about falling down because there are safety protocol anyway. But it’s about our own will. It’s a challenging sport for me. I’m the loudest climber, because when I climb I will scream and shout at the same time. For example while I was climbing I talk lớn myself “Ohh why it’s so hard, it’s enough I’m not going to climb anymore” and alway made a loud noise.

What is your ayên ổn with this sport?I’m not going to lớn be a professional climber. It’s just for fun và for experience. I will be concentrate more about study. Because now I have started the semester. Now I’m study master degree in communication art. So I have other responsibility other than work.

It was tried before you finish the bachelor degree, why vị you want to lớn continue study master degree?It was tired, but I feel lượt thích they are so many things that I want to lớn know. It’s meant that I want to challenge myself. I want lớn phối the target và have the determination with the thing that I have sầu time và still have energy to lớn bởi vì it. It is the qualification that I want to have. Nothing bad will come out of it, because I can manage my schedule. And I didn’t have sầu that much responsibility such as a wife or a child. But actually some of the people that have sầu wife or child, they can still study.

What will you are thesis is going to be?I’m aiming for a movie, but I still thinking what kind of movie I’m going to lớn vì chưng. Or if there are some project that the University offer to lớn me, or give me a sponsor then I might vị that project. But if they are no offer I will working on my own movie with the style that I like. It will be something funny & surreal. I like something out of the world. And I don’t like something that use a lot of funding, because I’m afraid is going lớn be over budget (laugh). It is going to look real or not I don’t know, but for what I think it’s very surreal and is going to use a lot of funding. So I have sầu to control myself. Now I have sầu to study each subject, only on Saturday và Sunday. Sometime is going to lớn be the same time with shooting drama but I have sầu lớn manage it.

Other than having a new haircut that you lượt thích, vày you have any gift for yourself.Recently, I brought my family my father my mother lớn Phuket. I give sầu a gift lớn everyone with a holiday. Actually there are many things that I want to lớn give to my parents. For this year I plan lớn bring them to Japan khổng lồ visit my father’s relative again, but I don’t know when yet. As for a gift for myself, I give a gift lớn myself regularly. Because what I actually want as a gift is time. Time for me to lớn vì chưng what I like such as climbing, go lớn a fitness centre, meeting friends or have sầu a dinner with my parents at a place that have good atmosphere. Or change my look. Sometimes if I have a chance to lớn bởi vì something lượt thích that, it is like recharging energy for myself.

Nadech lượt thích khổng lồ find delicious food, no matter how far it is.Yes krab, I lượt thích khổng lồ go to many restaurants. Never stiông chồng lớn just one. When I drive pass someplace, I will stop và try it. I always try a new restaurant the one that I have sầu never been khổng lồ. It is fun, and I can tell my friends or bring my friend and my family to lớn that place to try it.

We talked with Margie-Rasri. She told us that Nadech always tell Yaya that she have to travel, to lớn live sầu a life. What bởi you think about that?The travel help me khổng lồ open my eyes. To see the world from different angles not just traffic jam, hot sun và toxic air lượt thích Bangkok. Travelling help me khổng lồ get the energy from nature , full fill the freshness, help with my blood circle, reduce the ức chế and bring the happy back. But I have lớn have sầu a real không tính phí time then I can travel & relax. I didn’t have sầu that much không lấy phí time because I have sầu lớn shoot a drama. During the period of drama shoot, I never asked them for a không tính tiền time khổng lồ travel, I never vày that. I try not to lớn touch the drama schedule, và try not to lớn accept any work that have the same schedule with drama. I look at it as a work và I have sầu to lớn respect other people. But if it’s an emergency, that’s another story.

With Yaya, how is it?Fine krab, we have sầu a lot of events together. Before this we met often because we act together in the drama. But now each one have sầu to work in a difference drama. But just lượt thích what I said, we have sầu a chance to meet at the sự kiện or sometime having a meal together. We still taking care of each other just like before krab. .

Until today, what dreams that you have sầu already succeed, and what dreams that you haven’t done but vì chưng you are going to lớn do it someday?The lakiểm tra dream that I made it come true is brought my parent lớn Phuket, to have a dinner & travel here và there. And the next dream is khổng lồ bring my father to lớn south of japan to lớn visit his relatives.

It look lượt thích you are the kind of people that have sầu a small dream, và take every little happiness from living your life.Yes krab, I am not someone that have a big plan, or a big dream. Because I still have important responsibility that bigger than building a dream for myself. But there might be something that I want to vị for example I want to lớn have my own business. Or recently I bought a lvà in KhonKaen I want to have a small house for myself. I placed for me to lớn relax, a place that I can pick a fruit from the tree & eat it. .

In life, bởi you have been through both good and bad situation. How vì chưng you think to lớn make yourself happy?I think it’s very easy, when I experienced something that is not good and I can laugh about it. Many people in this age that lượt thích khổng lồ watch a funny video clip clip, I’m one of them. For me, I just have to lớn understand và accept it. Because I know the real story, I know what really happen. At the over, everything will be correct by myself. I fix every problem by myself, by letting it go, just forget it. Because when I wake up in the morning there will be many things that I have sầu khổng lồ do. I am not wasting my time to lớn worry or thinking about it. When something bad happened to lớn me, I forget it all in the evening. Because there are many things that I have sầu to think and do all the time. For example I have sầu to lớn go home have a shower and go rock climbing.

You easily let it go.Very easy to lớn let it go krab.

Maybe it’s because of your mother, because you are familia with dharma since you were young?That help me a lot krab. I might not see it clearly but I can feel it from the inside. Because there are alway inside me. I didn’t say that I am totally Trắng & spotless. But if something overcast me, I can khuyến mãi with it. And I can let it go. .

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What do you want to lớn say to IN’s fans, drama’s fans, & Nadech’s fanclubs?I wish every IN’s fans lớn be happy. Now is rainy season so please be careful when you drive sầu a car. I wish you to lớn be happy with your work & don’t be cloudy like the weather. If you are too stress, you can see my fashion shoot in IN magazine. Am sure you are bít tất tay will be gone. Other than that I would lượt thích to lớn ask IN’s fans và drama’s bạn khổng lồ follow và tư vấn drama “TarmaRakKuenJai”. And give sầu “NaiSing 2015” a chance khổng lồ be in everyone hearts mãng cầu krab. I am happy lớn listen to lớn any comments. For this drama my look might be more mature. But I still handsome anyway krab (laugh).

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